5 tricks on how to look great in your wedding pictures

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You know those 10 pounds that everybody say the camera adds? Well, they are actually true.
Let me refresh your memory for a moment. Can you recall some of your perfectly fit friends looking gigantic in some wedding pictures? Double chins, giant arms, bulges and more coming out of their wedding gowns?
We all smile politely at those horrifying pictures, but deep down we all dread that it can happen to us on our wedding day.
You can avoid looking like a merengue, if you know what to do to be photogenic.

Five Tricks on how to Look Great on your Wedding Day by Faby and Carlo Nicora at London Boudoir Photography

Rule n. 1 – Chin on a shelf

One of the major components of those infamous 10 pounds in excess is the way we hold our chin.
Maybe you are one of those lucky ladies who have a sharply defined jaw, but even so, there are certain moments in which it is tricky to look at our best. And you want to have great pictures of you in your wedding gown.
The reason for a heavy chin in pictures is often what happen when you suddenly laugh. The chin retracts and we tilt the head goes naturally on one side to create what I call the “turtle effect“. The chin and the neck become one, and it is not flattering at all.
The same happens when we are relaxed. The natural posture of our chin is to be tucked in towards the throat, and this makes it look heavier than it actually is.

You want to be able to laugh on your wedding day and still looking great. And same thing goes to looking natural.
So, remember to practice pushing your chin forward when you laugh some days before the wedding, so that it becomes a habit. Then, for one day, you will remember to put your chin on an imaginary shelf. How? Think of dropping your forehead and the trick is done.
If you practice enough, the day of your wedding it will come so natural that you will have great pictures. I can assure you that after the wedding, every time someone points the camera at you, you will push the chin forward automatically.

Five Tricks on how to Look Great on your Wedding Day by Faby and Carlo Nicora at London Boudoir Photography

Rule n. 2 – Use your tongue

Another way to minimise the possible effect of a heavy chin is to push your tongue on the roof of your mouth. When you do that, the skin underneath your chin will be naturally sucked in.
Great simple trick, especially for those pictures where you have to smile quickly and have no time to think or pose.

Rule n. 3 – Work your shoulders

It is the prettiest pose ever and works for every body type or age.
Place yourself on the side. Now think of squeezing gently a teddy bear on your heart and looking over your shoulder. You will naturally push your forward your shoulders and dropping your chin to connect it to the shoulder. It is super cute, and it positions the shoulders in a way that becomes graceful and interesting.
Greta not only for your wedding day but for any type of picture from portrait to boudoir.

Five Tricks on how to Look Great on your Wedding Day by Faby and Carlo Nicora at London Boudoir Photography

Rule n. 4 – Let people hug you

Always squeeze between one or more guests that are bigger than you. You will naturally stand on your side that is always thinner than your front, and you will look smaller then they are. Another great point is people hugging normally will latch onto your waist hiding any problematic area. The effect is assured.

Rule n. 5 – Hands on your hips

What is the typical VIP pose on the red carpet? Yes, you know it already. The hands are always on the hips, and for some very good reasons.
First of all, it will naturally enhance your hourglass shape. If you had your arms standing along your body, you will add visual pounds to the picture making you look as a trunk without curves.
Secondly, the pose allows you to do something with your hands. If you are a smoker or a person used to text all the time, you will find difficult to have nothing to do with your hands that will grip onto anything available. To have great and natural looking pictures, your hands play a fundamental role. They need to be relaxed or they will convey tension even if you are smiling.

Remember that hands act as pointers in a picture. If you are uncomfortable because you are worried that your strapless dress can come down, it is better to risk an accident that to have almost all the pictures with your hands on your boobs. Believe me, it happened to a friend of ours. Thank goodness she was one of the guests at the wedding, but still it is quite embarrassing. More often than not, our fears never realise.

If you practice these tricks, you cannot get it wrong on your wedding day. Or in any other situation in which you will be photographed.

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