My 10 beautiful truths about being pregnant

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It is no wonder that everybody enjoys the process that leads to being pregnant.
There are two people in love, wanting to share their life together more profoundly, and of course there is sex involved. Whoo hoo!

After that, it is just a question of waiting for the pregnancy to come to an end – let’s skip on the labour and delivery part, shall we? – and there is your beautiful baby. From that moment on starts the greatest adventure of your life.
I thought I knew what was coming, but I soon found out that, somehow, I was not prepared for what I experienced when I became pregnant.
So I want to share with you my personal very truths about being pregnant.

Get ready for the roller coaster

Being pregnant is all about being on a roller coaster. At times you enjoy the ride, at times you may feel sick, excited and uncomfortable, but you know it will end, and you will be ready for the next adventure at the fun fair.
Not everything is great, but most of it is. It is definitively an experience that will change your life for good.
Here are some examples of ups and downs I personally experienced about 4 years ago.

1. UP – You are finally pregnant!

I spent hundred of pounds in pregnancy tests. Especially on those that tell you one week in advance if you are pregnant, and even tell you the number of weeks you are. Easy to read, stupid proof and reliable. Sweet!
Beware that if you are a memory junkie like me – I confess, I still have the stick I used to find out I was expecting – those tests do not hold the writing “pregnant” forever…because it fades away. Buy one with the vertical lines response instead.

2. DOWN – Say hello to morning sickness

Not every woman feels sick or experiences being sick in the morning when they get pregnant. For me it was a question of feeling nauseous mainly in the afternoon, and really sick only after having eaten Indian food.
The weirdest part for me was food aversion. I love bread and meat, but while I was pregnant I could not even think of eating them. I knew I liked those foods, but in my mind they tasted like cardboard. And even when I forced myself to try it, I could not make myself like the taste. A total mystery.

3. UP – You can wear nice clothes and eat how much you want in the meantime

It is one of those rare moments in life in which you look great, and the same time the idea of having a huge belly makes you smile and not cringe. Nice.

4. DOWN – Hormone storms

In the first 3 months, being pregnant feels like having a particularly nasty period. Not so much physically, but mentally.
All of the sudden you just happen to get upset by anyone and anything. One moment you are all happy and giggly, and the moment after you cry without apparent reason. This is pregnancy and hormones for you.
My advice is to avoid watching sad films. Please spare yourself and your partner. Men cannot understand and neither will you, trust me.

5. UP – Hello boobs!

It is something both you and your partner will enjoy and it is a unique moment to cherish. And sometimes they stay like that. Big.

6. DOWN – No alcohol and no sushi

Man, that was difficult. I talk about the sushi.
For the alcohol part, my colleagues spot me immediately, because if you do not go to the pub after work, they become suspicious, but even more so when you go and do not drink. The first question that popped out was “Why are you not 

drinking? Are you pregnant?”. That was it. It did not occur to me to mention antibiotics… Silly me!

7. UP – Shopping!

There are tons of things to plan and buy for your little one. And when you are pregnant you can be easily carried away in the shopping area.
It feels almost like getting married again, because you are definitively allowed to splash out on your little bundle of joy. But remember that people LOVE making presents for babies, so if you have a bit of patience, it is sure that you will spare some money!

8. DOWN – Until your belly does not show properly, you may be just looking fat

It is a sad truth, but you see every day on public transport people looking uncertain, hiding behind their newspaper, and staring at a round belly while deciding what to do. For the majority, the simplest thing is to ignore the person and pretend to carry on reading. The embarrassment of a mistake can be fatal for a polite British citizen. But sometimes this kind of behaviour can be on the edge of being just quite rude and selfish.
I would suggest to wear a badge announcing you are pregnant, you will do a favour to yourself and spot the bad guys at the same time.

9. UP – People are more sociable

People are gentler, and surprisingly, many feel allowed to talk to you and ask you personal questions even if you are not at the pub counter.

10. DOWN – Babies follow their own schedule

Babies often do not do due dates and they do not care about eviction notices. And believe me when I say that 40 weeks is enough time.

I could go on and on, and maybe I will next week, but despite swollen ankles and back pain, labour and delivery, and the scary thought of being a parent, being pregnant and having a baby is one of the most beautiful, rewarding and incredible adventures a woman can experience.
It is tough and beautiful at the same time and you will love it. I do. Every day, for the rest of my life.

I have only one regret that is not having taken enough pictures of my belly. I have some, but I would have loved to have a pregnancy picture a week, or maybe a picture a month to see our little one growing. We are doing this service now for one of our lovely clients and it is such a wonderful and sweet idea!

If you are just being pregnant and want to record this beautiful journey, get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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