Fed up with diets that do not work? Read Jen’s inspirational story

I have never followed a diet until I piled up more that 1 and a half stones after quitting smoking and changing my habits. Years passed by without realising I was slowly getting heavier, and [...]


How training with a friend can help you getting fit

Who wants to be fit and hot? It sounds like the millionaire question, right? Of course everybody wants to be fit and attractive, but very few of us have the time, determination or patience to [...]


My 10 beautiful truths about being pregnant

It is no wonder that everybody enjoys the process that leads to being pregnant. There are two people in love, wanting to share their life together more profoundly, and of course there is sex [...]


How a boudoir experience can change your self esteem. Ms D’s story.

Self esteem is a big word to simply define what we believe we are worth. Lack of self confidence leads inevitably to a low self esteem, which, in time, will end up affecting all areas of our [...]

Posing Nude is Liberating

Let me start with an honest truth about posing nude. Posing nude is simpler than it may seem. Posing nude is liberating. Posing nude has nothing to do with pornography. Posing nude can produce [...]

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