Posing Nude is Liberating

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Let me start with an honest truth about posing nude. Posing nude is simpler than it may seem. Posing nude is liberating. Posing nude has nothing to do with pornography. Posing nude can produce very tasteful photographs. More than anything else, posing nude is liberating!
Working with many women, we came to understand patterns in people, especially women dealing with nudity. Despite being very open from the beginning, asking our customer what they foresee for their boudoir experience in terms of nudity, we can understand what a woman will or won’t do despite what she openly expresses out loud. It is fantastic to see a woman accepting her own skin as beautiful and natural, without tags or pre-concepts of any sort. Do you want to know more about posing nude and our take on it?
Moreover, would you be so kind to share your thoughts with us and with our readers? That would really be appreciated!

The privacy behind posing nude

Let’s make things straight from the beginning. Being a professional studio and placing our customers’ satisfaction in front of everything else, we have written this post about posing nude starting from one relevant detail: at Faby and Carlo, London Boudoir Photography, customers’ images are private, never made public. If you decide that posing nude is something you would like to try, you need to understand that we are nonjudgmental and respectful of your own privacy. If you want to be photographed without veil, make sure your photographer respects your privacy.

The reason behind posing nude

There isn’t just a single reason while posing nude is a good choice. There are many and diverse, and they are equally personal and important to the women who feel them to be the right ones. To me, posing nude is about appreciating our bodies for what they really are. Models or business women, housewives or mothers, all women are beautiful in the skin they are born in and celebrating this is priceless.
No one here is discussing that you do not need to be naked to be photographed for the beautiful woman you are, what we are saying is that you should not forget about it.

The choice of posing nude

The first rule of posing nude is that you should always be in control of what you really want. During every Boudoir session, we always ask our customers if they want some images more revealing or not. We have been doing this since one of our customer, Ms G, told us “we could have pushed her more“.
Truth is that if you don’t want them you will simply say no, but if a part of you wants it and you are confident enough, doing it will give you the possibility to choose. If you would try, you will know if it was worth it. If you don’t try, you will never truly know. That said, the decision if to pose nude or not is only yours. Do not let anyone decide for you or force you to as it has to be an energising and it has to be a positive experience.
As another of our customers said, “I told my friend that I went completely nude in front of you guys, and when she asked me if I was crazy I was still elated by the experience, and I said: Yes, and it has been fantastic!

Posing nude: how to do it?

My take on this is very simple: you do not need to know how to pose, dressed or not. Being photographed without anything on you is an intense task, and you should make sure to be in the skillful hands of a professional photographer. To the women who told us that they don’t know how to pose, we always say that we don’t expect anyone to: we are the professionals. If you want to get beautiful images of yourself wearing nothing, we know how to pose and coach you to get the type of images you want!

Posing nude without revealing anything

Some people believe that posing nude means revealing everything. To some, idea of a nude photograph means tasteless images. As a photographer, as an artist, my goal is to create images that resonate with whom you are and what you want to see… or what you want to be seen. Being nude in front of a camera doesn’t mean that the photos will show nudity at all. Nudity can be implied, and this can be done with or without clothes on. Some customers explicitly expressed their interest for particular areas to be visible in their images, some others were interested in posing nude without any genital area or nipple showing. Didn’t we mention that you should be in charge of how much you want or don’t want to see?

Is more difficult to pose nude in front of a male photographer?

When we started photography we thought that it was really different to pose in front of a male or female photographer, especially while posing nude. Truth cannot be further from this. Reality is that if you have chosen the right professional photographer, their gender doesn’t matter. A professional photographer should treat you with respect and look at you as a sculptor looks at her muse. My attitude as male photographer is simple: I want to photograph you in the best possible way, and they way I do it is making sure you are relaxed and comfortable. You will see that as long as the photographer behave professionally, there is absolutely no difference! Of course, one of the advantages at Faby and Carlo, London Boudoir Photography, is that if you think you would be more comfortable being photographed only by a female photographer, Fabiana will be happy to be the only one capturing your beauty!

Is posing nude a sign of vanity?


Vanity: /ˈvanətē/ Noun Excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements.
Truth is that women are bombarded by images of perfect women from every angle. Magazines are filled with bodies I have very rarely seen in real life and skins so perfect that not even my baby had when he was born. In my opinion women are not vain enough of their bodies. Their vanity is maybe expressed through what they wear or what they own, but it is extremely rare for a woman to feel beautiful dressed only in her own skin.
So, if posing nude is vain, I personally welcome this vanity.


Is posing nude for everybody?

I would love to say “Yes” and from a particular perspective I believe that posing nude is something everyone can do. Nudity and sexuality, or nudity and pornography are not synonyms. Truth is that everyone has a different approach to nudity. It can be a social idea or a personal feeling, but to be posing nude you have to be ready. You have to be ready to allow someone else to capture you at your best, making you feel comfortable as if you were completely dressed.

What do YOU think

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts. Would you be comfortable posing nude, or do you consider nudity in a different way? Please have your say.

If you are considering a Boudoir Experience, or even posing nude for yourself, we would be honoured to hear from you. For your peace of mind, to know us a little bit better and to understand if we are the right photographers for you, feel free to contact us via our online contact form, via email at hello@fabyandcarlo.com or via Skype.

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