Am I attractive?

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How many times have you asked yourself “am I attractive?“? however, the question “am I attractive” is one which is challenging to ask yourself. Whilst the question may underline a possible moment of lack of confidence, it is how you answer to the question “am I attractive” that defines you as a person.
I feel that the question “am I attractive” is too broad, and allows yourself to do one of the worst thing you can do to your self esteem: compare yourself. You see, comparing yourself to other is the root of many evil. This is because we normally take as comparison a very challenging standard. If you are in your 40s and you ask yourself “am I attractive as her?” (maybe¬†referring to a 20 years old) is just wrong.
Do you want to live your attractiveness in a healthy way?

Am I attractive? by Faby and Carlo

am I attractive or am I beautiful?

How do you define someone “attractive”? You see, many times we think that asking “am I attractive” or “am I beautiful” are synonymous; actually they are not. Being attractive is not just about being beautiful. It is about how you move, how you speak, how you present yourself. Being beautiful is exclusively in how you appear, but if you ask yourself “am I attractive” you imply much more than a nice face or a nice body.
This is at the same time a blessing and a curse. Asking yourself “am I attractive” is a question that cannot have an answer. I feel that you can be attractive for someone, but the question “am I attractive” does not have a unique answer.
Whom you want to ask this question to? If you ask this question to yourself, your answer won’t be satisfying, as we cannot see the subtle details of how we move, of how we smile or any other peculiarity that can make us irresistible for someone.

Am I attractive? by Faby and Carlo

Don’t ask “am I attractive”, just be! (AKA: how to be attractive)

The blessing/curse of the question “am I attractive” is that in order to be attractive, you have to trust yourself. The more we are ourselves, as we are, the more we will become irresistible to the eyes of those who love us for who we are. I don’t want to appear great for those who want me different from who I am; I am not trying to be the idol of those who can’t stand my beard or the way I move; however, for the one that loves me, my being myself becomes a unique trait.

Am I attractive? by Faby and Carlo

Don’t look for validation by asking “am I attractive”

I don’t ask myself this question, and I don’t ask Faby this question either. If you are looking for a validation, then it means that the person at your side is not showing you what you hope to see.
It is told that what Bob tells about Alice teach us more of Bob than Alice. If the person at your side does not find you attractive, it tells a lot about him, not you.
Be yourself, surround yourself with people that appreciate you for who you are, and you won’t have to ask yourself that question ever again.
Self confidence starts from us, also in the choice of the people that, with just one look, tell us we are the most attractive people in the whole world!

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