Am I attractive?

How many times have you asked yourself “am I attractive?“? however, the question “am I attractive” is one which is challenging to ask yourself. Whilst the question may [...]


Low self esteem in relationships and how to help your partner

We have wrote at length about self confidence on the pages of this blog, but what are the repercussions of low self esteem in relationships? How can low self esteem in relationships jeopardise [...]


gift confidence through nice things to say to your girlfriend

To gift confidence is one of the best thing you can do for your woman. Yes, this post is, unusually, dedicated to men, exactly how we did it when we told them how to shop for lingerie. This time [...]


Positive mental attitude: do you talk to others the way you talk to yourself?

A positive mental attitude is a blessing, it is what makes you see the good things in life instead to the negative ones. A positive mental attitude is that “can do approach” that is [...]