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To gift confidence is one of the best thing you can do for your woman. Yes, this post is, unusually, dedicated to men, exactly how we did it when we told them how to shop for lingerie. This time we are touching a very sensitive matter: nice things to say to your girlfriend (wide, lover, etc…) to gift confidence.
The first thing to understand is that lies are not an option, in any case. To gift confidence you need to be trustworthy, and lies are on the other spectrum of that. In this post we will tell you few nice things to say to your girlfriend, but please make sure to make these truly yours.

gift confidence, by Faby and Carlo

To gift confidence you need to be honest

When the worse comes to worst you will hear this dreaded question: “Do I look fat?“. That’s hell, and nothing you can say can save you; however, there is one thing you need to understand: every woman is afraid of being seen as “fat” and in difficult moments, she wants to be reassured.
Now, calling a woman fat is wrong in so many ways: first no gentlemen would ever do it, second it undermines every woman’s self esteem. If you want to gift confidence, you need to realise what the woman at your side is afraid of, and help her; but make sure she trusts you. If you reply to any difficult question in a matter of factly way, you don’t pass as honest, and your answer will be read under a different (and generally negative) way.
“No, you don’t look fat to me” (smiling) “you are beautiful!” Because let’s be honest, if you can’t see the beauty of the woman at your side and you are so judgemental to call her fat, you are not in for the long run and you are most certainly not trying to empower her. TO gift confidence you need love.

gift confidence, by Faby and Carlo

Spend some time to notice her

Some men look to me like children who, after having fought long and hard for a new toy, as soon as they have it, they abandon it. Many of you had to sweat to hold such beautiful flowers at your sides, but once the “honeymoon period” is over, some of you just take the person at your side for granted.
If she spends ten minutes putting the makeup on, you can take ten seconds to appreciate it. If they spend some time in the shower to shave their legs, the minimum you can do is to acknowledge it. It is not rocket science and these things gift confidence to your partner. The same thing applies when you notice a new dress, and these are nice things to say to your girlfriend.
Of course there is a downside: you need to care about her. You need to spend time to notice these things. The good thing is that in making an effort, you will be noticed as well, and this will become a positive spiral. To gift confidence having nice things to say to your girlfriend open the door to receive something unique back: a smile.

gift confidence, by Faby and Carlo

Other nice things to say to your girlfriend to gift confidence

Let say that if you are already considerate enough to answer with love and kindness to her questions and to take time to notice her, you will make a huge step forward. The third thing to do is to care about what she thinks. Not always a couple is aligned, Faby and I often love different topics, but I listen to her and she listens to me. If something is important for her, it is important for me and vice versa. Sometimes is not the nice things to say to your girlfriend that gift confidence to her, but the ones you listen to.
If you don’t have time or the inclination to listen to your other half, I believe you should not look for nice things to say to your girlfriend, you should change your attitude (or your girlfriend).

To gift confidence you need to care, more than to share.

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