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There is no question that every woman has got their hang ups, no matter how close she is to own a “perfect” body. There are tons of gorgeous women, mature as well as very young, and the great majority feels insecure about their looks or has body parts they would love to change. One of the most common body parts women are insecure about, is boobs.
The issue is that some women that have big boobs would love to have a smaller size, and many with a little chest, would love to have add more cleavage to their décolletage.

So who prefers what?

The big boobs vs small boobs issue is often an unfair challenge, because it very much depends on who is the judge of the challenge.
For example, there are men that prefer big boobs vs small boobs any day because their preference goes to quantity over shape any day. There are some men that are enchanted by a small chest, however, in general, women tend to believe that men are more attracted by a generous décolletage.
On this subject, there is to say that big boobs vs small boobs is also a question of culture. Here in the UK, many many women have a generous average size that is around a D or DD cup, whilst France sees women’s boobs range around a B-C cup.
So, to me, women are insecure because they are influenced by their perception of what ideally men want, more than the actual reality of things, or how they feel about their body.

Big boobs vs small boobs = Elegance vs sexyness?

Big boobs vs small boobs involves also a question of perceived elegance.
Probably I am about to say something unpopular, but having big boobs can, in fact, create some issues for someone who would love to embody the classic ethereal elegance of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Innocent, perfectly fitted dresses and tight shirts may give the impression of being a bit naughty instead.
The only reason is that women with big boobs have a hell of a time choosing the right clothes for their chest size. Anything remotely low cut will automatically enhance the chest area, whereas a woman with smaller boobs would have no problem being looked in the eyes.
It is a fact that big boobs draw attention. And who does not seek that kind of attention, may feel in no position to wear clothes that normally would have nothing to do with looking sexy.

I remember one of my dearest friends who happens to have an extremely generous décolletage. When we were working together, I had a difficult time talking to her without looking at her boobs. Her attire was modest and professional, nonetheless, it was impossible not to notice the most protruding part of her, and remain oblivious about the colour of her eyes.
She was perfectly aware of the issue, and despite having a healthy relationship with her body, she felt often uncomfortable because of the size of her boobs. On the other hand, she had to make no efforts when she wanted to be looked at her as a sexy woman.

On the other hand, friends of mine that have very small boobs, generally live well as well as unnoticed when they want to. They have more choice in terms of clothes and they feel that in no instance there have been uncomfortable moments in which their boobs have drawn attention, however, when it comes to wearing something low cut and show a bit of cleavage, well, they feel there is not enough substance there. They choose different ways of looking sexy like a short dress or a low cut dress showing the back instead.

When things go pear-shaped

What can make big boobs look at their best, no matter the size, is often a question of choosing the right size – and style – of lingerie. If you the boobs are not supported well, it can be unflattering. This is why choosing the right bra is so fundamental.
If you want to have a bit more cleavage and have small boobs, a padded bra is the only solution. The right size will allow your boobs to have a lift and a bit of a squeeze, but beware of not let them swim in a bra that is too big instead. Not cool.
If you want to have the right support without creating bulges at the back and at the front, it is of utmost importance that women with big boobs wear a well fitted bra that gives some extra support. I am aware that there may be less choice or less pretty underwear, however, it is definitively unflattering and off putting to see unwanted skin protruding from clothing.

The big issue big boobs vs small boobs in the end is only in our mind. It really does not exist, because, as Mr Darcy said to Bridget Jones, who really loves us, will love us exactly as we are. Because you are already beautiful.

What do you think about the issue big boobs vs small boobs? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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