Boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size

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We hate the idea of labelling women by their size, but we have often been asked for boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size. My first reaction for talking about boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size is: just do it. You are beautiful for the woman you are and you should embrace your beauty; however, I appreciate the fact that you may feel awkward in dropping your clothes and revealing your curves. So here it comes Faby and Carlo to the rescue. Not only we will give you some boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size, but we also give some advices on how to use garments to better show your beauty!

Boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size

We believe that photographing what the world consider a “plus size” is often easier that photographing a size 6. Curves are what attract, and it is so much easier to show them in women who actually have them, than in those who don’t. Talking about boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size we need to talk about what pleases the eye, not just on how to drop your clothes and look awesome! The eye is more attracted from an hourglass shape┬áthan a skinny body; everything is about proportions and how they are shown in photograph.
Please, don’t think that if you are a “plus size” or if you fear that you need to lose a few pounds, boudoir is not for you. Your today is now, and celebrating yourself even if you are not in your dream shape is something that can give you much more than standing still and waiting for your body to change.

A word on you, before offering boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size

Boudoir is about you as a woman, not just about your body. “Who” you are is more important that what you are, and this is the most important thing to consider before offering boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size. You will get from your images what you put in the experience you will live, nothing more and nothing less. Your confidence and your self acceptance will go far beyond what a good photographer can do. Offering few boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size is simple, what is more complex is make you understand that only by accepting yourself and loving the body you have you will enjoy and appreciate life.
A client once told us “these are things you only say to your priest, your psychologist and your [boudoir] photographer…“; there is a very important truth behind this. This is also the difference between a glamour photo shoot and a boudoir experience, and it is the fact that a boudoir session is about you, not just your body! Whatever you decide to wear or to show, the boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size starts from your confidence and your trust in the photographer.

You don’t need to get naked, but you most certainly can

The best boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size that I have seen around revolve around what to wear, and partially I agree on this. Knowing what you can wear to look at your best is a good boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size; however I would like to leave it last. Before that, I believe it is more important that you understand the most important advice I can give you:
You are beautiful, whatever your shape, whatever your size. You are not a number, you are not “few pounds more”, you are the woman you are!
For a boudoir session you certainly don’t need to get naked, but dropping everything that can hide who you are may be a good idea. It is not about what you are wearing, it is not about the “wobbly bits” you are going to straighten in the gym. It is about you for every detail, for looking at your body and realising that you are amazingly beautiful, size 6 to size 20 (and more).
Be kind with yourself, as if you start, it won’t matter who will or won’t follow!

Wear whatever enhances an hourglass shape

One thing we noticed through time is that people who fall in what is considered the “plus size” category tend to cover their body more, avoiding accentuating their shape. The reality is that baggy clothes don’t help; they don’t help if you feel you are a bit “round” on your waist. Seeing a single block is not pleasing for the eye, but using a belt, making sure you can show your curves under a soft garment, is always a winning choice!
Whatever shape and size your body is, try to enhance the hourglass shape: it will work wonders!
If you are reading these boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size in the hope to get ideas on what to wear, then you are at the right point in the post.

  • Corsets, bustiers and waspies are certainly your friends, as they will help you shaping one of the most challenging areas of every woman’s body: the belly.
  • An overlarge white shirt will work wonders, especially after being pinned in the back, to avoid any “baggy” shape and help you underline certain curves.
  • A robe, transparent or not, will make you feel safe and less exposed. Sometimes what you are wearing is more for your peace of mind that for your body, but if that works, it is a winner!
  • Bodysuit and playsuits have the ability to remain in the “sexy” department, by providing more visual coverage and a tighter shape.
  • High Waisted Knickers will make you feel safer and they look good!

My last word of advice is this: be yourself and pick a photographer you trust. We strongly believe in showing you in your photographs, not a reshaped body. Looking at how beautiful you really are is where magic and self appreciation happen!

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