Boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size

We hate the idea of labelling women by their size, but we have often been asked for boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size. My first reaction for talking about boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus [...]


Perfect breast shape and all the lies about it

Does anything as the perfect breast shape exist? I mean, when I was young it was told that the perfect breast shape was the one that fit into a champagne glass; however, I believe that in more [...]


Looking good today and the silver lining of ageing

We rarely think we are looking good. We often look back and we see a younger, prettier, many times slimmer self. Many women we have spoken to told us that they don’t feel like they are [...]


Glamour photography or Boudoir photography?

Do you know what is the difference that makes glamour photography a style for few, while boudoir an experience every woman should try? There is often a misunderstanding between glamour [...]

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