Perfect breast shape and all the lies about it

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Does anything as the perfect breast shape exist? I mean, when I was young it was told that the perfect breast shape was the one that fit into a champagne glass; however, I believe that in more recent times (I am not as young as I may look when I am shaven) this approach seems to have changed significantly. It is also important to mention that every culture has its own take on the perfect breast shape.
In this blog post I will focus on some thoughts I recently had; these were triggered by few comments from some clients we had. Being a boudoir photographer often puts you in situations like these, where openly discussing the perfect breast shape is not unusual.

A cautionary word of advice about this article about the perfect breast shape

This article about the perfect breast shape has been written by a man. All the opinion expressed are personal, and I invite each and everyone of you to leave a comment. Understanding if you agree with me or not is important, as it can give a three dimensionality to this discussion.
I hope you will read my thoughts and you will have the time to disagree with me, as every voice counts.

The perfect breast shape and the beholder

It is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder“, yet society is pushing on us unreachable standards. These standards are such that no woman on earth will ever be “perfect”. My point of view is that every woman is beautiful and perfection is nothing but something used to force beauty products on us.
To me there is no such thing as a perfect breast shape.
There, I said it and it is out. I want to move forward a bit and say that details which are normally pointed as flaws are normally details which, to my eyes, are just part of who a woman is.

Zero-G is not the perfect breast shape

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of photographing a lovely client. She was bubbly and outspoken and, more importantly, she trusted us from the start. When she wore a beautiful lacy gown without any bra underneath, she looked down and made a comment on how her curves were not the “perfect breast shape“; to my enquiry about what shape would have meant perfection, she gestured the “Wonderbra Shape“. Now, in all fairness, she had large breasts, which cannot hold up like they were in zero-G. Even more fairly, both Faby and I honestly thought she actually had a practically perfect breast shape. (but you will read later why saying that she had the “perfect breast shape” does not mean anything)
You see, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what we perceived in a positive way, had a negative connotation for her.

Lies, lies, lies

Now, the perfect breast shape is a lie, as it does not exist. What is perfect for someone is flawed for someone else. I, for one, think that natural breasts are beautiful, even when gravity does its course. Like me, many men find attractive a curve that is natural, that flows with the body of a woman. The idea of a perfect breast shape is so complicated and personal that is non-existing.
Women do not have curves that are shaped as the top of a heart without the help of a bra. Removing your bra and seeing your natural shape should not be an unpleasant feeling. The terrible words “saggy” is misused, and it focuses on making women feel that they do not have the perfect breast shape.
The worst thing is that many man don’t have in their mind a perfect breast shape; alas, we give many things for granted, and we have the tendency tend to second guess what’s in others’ minds.

So, is every breast the perfect shape?

If you think that a perfect breast shape actually exists, then of course no. My real point is that a perfect breast shape is like the elves: we like to think they exists, but they don’t. I love to think that sooner or later women will be liberated by the pressure they have of having the perfect body. Perfection is a bad word, but if you really want to be amazing, look at your body for the beautiful temple as it is and be confident in it. If your breasts are not the perfect breast shape you have seen in an advert, maybe trying hard to feel good with the beautiful breast you have would give you an incredible spirit!

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