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Dove managed to inspire us all again with another beautiful advertisement. It is almost unfair calling it commercial because it is so much more than just that. Dove advert is beautiful, inspiring and thought provoking.
So yet another time, Dove has managed to be the leader in taking a stand and campaigning for a great cause and be a voice for all women.

Dove #choosebeautiful campaign

The video starts by showing two entrances and two paths to a building.
Over one of them, there is sign with the writing “average”, over the other the sign reads “beautiful”. The real question is Which one are you going to choose?
The majority of women stop at this view. Some are taken aback, undecided to even get in at all. Some of them just hunch their shoulders down, and go resigned towards the “average” entrance. Some others, with an excited and cheeky look on the face, go toward the sign “beautiful”.
It is incredible to see the effect the two choices have on those women’s body language and their expressions.
Dove tells a story of confidence versus low self-esteem.
The positive part of Dove advert is seeing how friends drag each other towards the “beautiful” sign laughing together. Or seeing someone having a change of heart at the very last second and choosing to be beautiful.
The best scene of all is a mum grabbing her teenage daughter towards the “beautiful” sign and seeing the girl’s, shy but happy, smile afterwards.
This shows how together we are so much stronger. We give courage to each other because many of our friends and family members provide a much healthier and real mirror to our beautiful soul.

Welcome to the real world

Dove is campaigning to unveil what reality looks like by showing the reality of women’s bodies, reality of what real beauty is, and the reality of many women’s low self-esteem.

Dove adverts are making a positive impact on women’s perception of how things really look like. First showing how women’s body (with stretch marks, wobbly bits here and there and gorgeous curves) without the ironing and sculpting effect of Photoshop.
Many women shoot themselves down and struggle with a distorted perception of who they are vs who they are supposed to be, or look like.
Dove adverts are contributing to showing us all that women look more beautiful, they are more capable and fabulous than they think they are.

Worst judges of themselves, women measure our self-worth and self-image towards impossible standards, so that we are forgetting how to be kind to ourselves.
Women, more than men, are susceptible to what they feel society expects of them, and slowly this external pressure becomes their inner voice. Women end up putting an enormous pressure on their shoulders tending to identify themselves with their role as wives, mothers, daughters instead of simply unique, beautiful and worthy individuals.

Why is what Dove advert so important?

Being such a big company and having the guts to stand up against its own industry standards takes courage. Let’s not forget that Dove belongs to the beauty industry that, along with the fashion industry, is responsible for the perception of beauty as we see it today. The result is that women feel inadequate because they cannot compare with a lie.

By showing women’s inner insecurities and struggles through their inspiring campaigns, Dove is unveiling the lie behind perfect bodies and impossible standards of beauty. Dove is making people aware of a silent – but very real – pain that many women feel deeply, so that change can be possible.

Watch Dove #choosebeautiful campaign and please leave a comment below. I promise you, it is definitively worth it.

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