How to enjoy the power of unplugging in 4 simple steps

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As you might have seen, for the past week we haven’t published anything, and there is an extremely good reason for it: “we were on a break”! (and I like to imagine it said, or even better, shouted as Ross Gellar in Friends) Under the sun of Italy, we thoroughly enjoyed the recharging power of unplugging. In the past, we haven’t been as good as this time to rest and thoroughly enjoy our time. In the past week, we employed a truly healthy regime which allow us to live a fabulous week.
Do you want to know the 4 steps we used to unplug and recharge our batteries?
unplugging fabiana carlo nicora

1 – Finish everything you have to

The customers’ images we shoot few days before the flight took off were done and dusted by the time we landed in Italy. All the things we had to complete for the coming weeks were scheduled well in advance. The real advantage of this tactic is to leave all the to-dos behind. You do not have to work in the evenings when you are away, you do not have deadlines in the middle of your vacation, you have just one thing: your peace of mind!

2 – Limit your emails

Generally, we aim to reply to every enquiry in a matter of twelve hours; however, while on vacation, we adopted a daily rule: if there are important emails to reply to, we have just few minutes every day to do it. We decided what was extremely urgent and what could wait. I have scheduled more than fifty emails for this morning: it will take a while to reply to all of them, but we did not swamp our short vacation under emails!

unplugging fabiana carlo nicora

3 – Leave all the worries behind

There are many plans in the making, many ideas we need to realise. All of them were packed and left home. There is nothing you can do for your invoices if you are on a beach playing with your little one, so why worrying? The reality is that they will still be there when we will get back, and as long as your customers or your business don’t suffer, it is “you” you should worry about. Use your break to cleanse your life from the too many negate thoughts, and things to do: you will be a better you when you will be back.

unplugging fabiana carlo nicora

4 – Foster your passions, not your responsibilities

For those of you who know us already, you know photography is not “just a job“. Looking at a beautiful sunset over the sea we really think about the colour of light, the beautiful scenarios, the possibilities… this is because we have a passion, we love what we do, and we do what we do because we love it so much. With this in mind I guess you won’t be surprised to know that Fabiana and I talk a lot about photography, even during the dinner of our fourth wedding anniversary. When your life, passion and work are the same thing, it is not talking about work, it is talking about life itself. Unplugging so well with the previous three points, chatting about photography was free from worries and to do lists, it was about making sure that what’s next is what we love and want, not what others expects from us, which is one of the most healthy things ever if you, like us, have a business!

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