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How many of you, waking up in the morning, have the amazing possibility to see your wife starting the morning by dressing up. Isn’t is a magnificent way of starting your day? Now, how many of you, after an appreciative comment about this, gets a growl back? This is all about self confidence and self image, two points that strongly divide men from women. Today’s post is a personal take on what I see and live every day, a journey in which some of you might found themselves. But there is more! This article is also about what you can do to help your wife to gain self confidence and to appreciate her body image. Remember: her self confidence is all you need to gift her to live a healthier family life!
Would you like to step in and let me share some insight with you?
Gift Self-Confidence Fabiana Carlo Nicora

Important things first: why should you care about your wife self image and self confidence?

Rhetorical question: do you actually think that your intimate life is not influenced by how your wife feels about her body? Bold statement: Self Confidence is better than any other aphrodisiac!

What I have discovered about Self Image and Self Confidence

Women are under a LOT of stress regarding her appearance. Their bodies are the center of attention, and while we can generally live with a little bit of roundness around our bellies, they cannot. The advertisement world is hitting hard on them, showing perfect bodies and idealising a perfection that, in my humble opinion, is actually pretty boring. You can understand that this undermines their self confidence and as long as they won’t see a perfect body in the mirror, they won’t be truly satisfied (and maybe not even then). So, next time you see your wife, loving every inch of who she is and how she looks, remember that she may not share this appreciation of her body.

Gift Self-Confidence Fabiana Carlo Nicora

Knowing what to say and what NOT to say to your wife may save your life

The first thing to realise is that very often talking about women bodies means stepping in a minefield. Even telling “you are beautiful” can easily be the first step. You have to realise that many women will react badly when complimented on something they don’t feel like worth a compliment. Now, you have to realise that every woman is different, and there are no ready-solutions for every woman. You need to know your wife well and be careful on what you say. In my case, I have a lovely and thoroughly gorgeous wife, who is unaware of her real body image. Worst than that, she feels that compliments on her appearance are generally misleading as “she holds the universal truth about her body” (sorry darling) :) One thing that proves to be generally counterproductive is denial:
“I look fat!”
“No, you don’t!”
“Of course you say I don’t, you are not objective!” BOOM

I would suggest a different approach to deal with these explosive situations. You should not lie (rally, don’t do it, it is just the perfect recipe for a disaster), but you should make sure to listen and to give positive feedback.
“I look fat!”
“Darling, how can you judge it just by looking in that ugly mirror (mirrors are your worst enemies)? And you know what? Even if you don’t think you are perfect, you do to my eyes!”
“…” SAFE!

You see, you are not lying, you are just telling her you noted her complaints, but that your opinion is different!

Gift Self-Confidence Fabiana Carlo Nicora

How can a Boudoir Experience help you

The truth is that many women have no idea of just how beautiful they truly are. Comparing themselves with the models in the glossy magazine is unfair and unrealistic (and, by the way, I would hate if Faby would be like that). They are so unaware of their beauty that they refuse to listen to any bell that is different from their one. Another truth is that finding a good Boudoir Photographer, who understand women and knows how to photograph them, can show your wife how beautiful she truly looks. And please remember that it is not about nip and tuck with photoshop: it is showing her how she looks from your angle, and not through a distorted mirror. When she see herself for the beautiful woman she truly is, what do you think will happen to her self confidence? And what do you think will happen to the man who helped her gaining it?

Yes, you can Gift her a rewarding Experience… and it will be rewarding for the both of you!

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