The only one secret you need to know to be seductive

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I know and I have photographed women of all sizes, but the happier ones seems to be those who have curves. It is said they are also the most desirable ones because they have the so-called hourglass shape that men love and are attracted to, but still this does not define being seductive”.

To me it is not necessarily something you are born with because you can definitively learn how to be seductive.

The secret? The way you move. To become irresistibly fascinating, you need to master the right timing and being innocently bold.

The only one secret you need to know to be seductive at

Slow down

What is the most alluring animal of the animal kingdom?
Someone may say cats, someone else chooses tigers or pumas, but normally is an animal that belongs to the feline family.
No monkeys, kangaroos or dogs. Felines.
Because of 3 reasons. Their movements are;
1) fluid
2) graceful
3) slow

Have you ever thought that a dog can be alluring? Of course not. And the reason because they move in a jumpy, scatty and nervous fashion.
They are typically animals you would think as friendly – or strong in some cases – but not fascinating.
If you would start watching everything they do, you will probably end up with a headache. The same goes for human beings. People who are anxious move in a fast, abrupt and unpredictable way. They do everything like they are in a constant rush. And we do not find them relaxing or intriguing, but they startle you and make you feel on the edge a bit.

But you follow someone that moves slowly and gracefully, it can become extremely interesting if seduction is involved.

Seduction needs time. So take your time every time you take your clothes off. Close your eyes. Breathe. Gently feel you movements. Imagine them in your mind’s eye.
And remember that seduction is about mystery and what you do not reveal. All you need is building up that longing to see a little bit more. Slowly.

The only one secret you need to know to be seductive at

Be casual

I find that being graceful is a combination of fluid movements done in a fairly slow motion. A typical example of grace is a giraffe.
But being graceful is not enough. It is a good start for sure because it evoke beauty and class in your mind.

But what makes the real difference in being seductive is a distinct demeanour. I call it “bold innocence” or else, being casually cheeky.
It is a “I do not know you are looking, but I deep down I do and I love it”.
It is everything that Marylyn Monroe is known for. Marylyn was a curvaceous woman, with a fresh, naive and lively attitude. She was disarming. And sexy at the same time that made her an icon of innocent sensuality.

Such a unique emulsion that makes that woman still one of the most attractive on the planet.

The only one secret you need to know to be seductive at

Be confident

We said it already in another blog post, but confidence is really all you need to wear.

To obtain what you want, to be seen and loved for who you truly are, you need to let go of your insecurities and be happy in your soul as well as in your skin.
It is the most amazing feeling that makes you feel on the top of the world.

And if you are worried of being clumsy, awkward or silly, you will be. You are what you think you are.
So choose to be happy with yourself. There is a super sensual you that wants to be discovered. Go for it.

Have you ever seduced somebody without even trying? Let us know your story by writing a comment below.

And Thanks for caring.

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