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With the ever-growing list of things you need to do before your wedding, let’s not lose sight of something that’s easy to forget… How to feel more confident in your wedding photos! Is the pressure of looking perfect on the day taking away from the excitement of getting married? Are you worrying about how the photos will look? And what will the guests think of your dress? Well, don’t stress. I’ve got you covered.

From finding the right photographer to choosing the style that says “this is MY wedding”… I’ve put together a simple guide to get you through your wedding. With a MASSIVE SMILE on your face. Having amazing photos of your wedding day are crucial – these are the memories that will last. And I’m here to show you how to make that happen! Here’s exactly how to feel more confident on your special day…

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Find The Right Photographer

It goes without saying, but it would surprise you to know how many people are willing to overlook this. It is SO important to find a photographer whose work you love. And who both you and your groom can connect with. AND feel more confident in their presence. After all, they are there to take photographs of you and they want to make you look your best! And they are going to be around for the whole of your wedding day – you are going to need to like each other!

What are you looking for? Have you considered what sort of “feel” you want your photographs to have? Do you prefer the “fly-on-the-wall” approach, or someone more direct? Take time to work through the potentials you have selected, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The closer you feel to your photographer, the better the images will be. A lot of photographers offer an engagement shoot which is great for pre-wedding prep. This will show you how your photographer works with you, and how to feel more confident on your big day! Thus creating a connection between you, plus a little bonus of trying out a few poses before your wedding!

Choosing your photographer can be challenging, but once you do, it’s guaranteed to take a huge worry off your shoulders. Remember they are just there to make you feel at complete ease on your special day (hence the rapport you’ll already have)… and capture all the beautiful memories!

For more help finding the right photographer, take a look at 5 Questions To Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

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Learn Some Basic Poses (and how to feel more confident doing them!)

Once you’ve booked your dream photographer, and enjoyed a pre-wedding photoshoot… I have no doubt you’ll have learned a thing or two about posing! Now, while I use the term “posing”, I am not trying to influence you envisioning squinty eyes and duck pouts! Natural and relaxed poses are what we’re aiming to achieve. Remember these three things, and you WILL look and feel more confident in your wedding photos:

  • Work those angles
  • Forget about the camera
  • Have a laugh!

When we laugh, we release endorphins that make us feel happy, and this will show in your photographs! A natural smile speaks wonders and helps us feel more confident.

Another thing – if you’re like me and enjoy a good visual aid, then Pinterest is your new best friend! Create a mood board of poses and photographs you like, and even share them with your photographer (or take a look at one I put together here!). Trust me, you will both appreciate it! Going into your full day’s coverage with an idea of what captures the best version of you is a valuable thing.

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Choose The Best Look For You

Feeling overwhelmed? With the endless amount of stunning wedding dresses, quirky makeup looks, and racy lingerie to consider… it’s no wonder! First things first, choose YOU. Choose what makes you feel more confident (and comfortable!) because this will be your most treasured memory for life – AND you need to have fun!

Often, less is more, and I agree with this. I value any photograph that allows the subject’s uniqueness to shine through. After all, this day is all about you, and someone who loves you for YOU. Take some time for yourself and focus on what you want. Choose that dream dress, and spoil yourself with a treatment or two! A little bit of pampering can go a long way to helping you feel (and look) your best. Show them the best possible version, and it will reflect in the photos!

As I’m all about empowering women, I chose to explore what the perfect wedding dress is for our body types. I can guarantee this will help you feel more confident (and incredible!) because it helped me, too! Now I truly understand what flatters my shape, I’ve had no problems finding my dream dress!

Have a little read of The Most Spectacular Types Of Wedding Dresses For Your Body Shape

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 Know Your Personal Aesthetic And Style

Phew! You’ve finally found the wedding look that defines the best you, but… hold on? There’s still a bunch of those little extras to consider! What colours do you want? Are you going to have a theme? What decor works with the venue you’ve chosen? Don’t even get me started on the flowers! Knowing your personal style is so important. And believe it or not, if you walk into a space that feels like home, you WILL feel more confident.

Struggling for ideas? Start at home, and work outwards. There is nothing wrong with loving the idea of that 1950s vibe. BUT if it lacks what you actually value, then your wedding will not feel personal to you. A little attention to detail, a few creature comforts, and a familiar aesthetic can go a long way. You can sit back and revel in the beauty you’ve created for your special day – plus, the photos will be stunning.

Want to feel more confident in choosing your wedding style? Have a look at How To Personalise Your Wedding Decor, And Why It’s SO Important To


Use Your Groom To Create A Safe Space

Have you ever had a meeting, interview or even a job that makes you so nervous you can hardly breathe? Your focus is off and the more you worry about not nailing it, the more you panic? 9 times out of 10, what do we need to calm us down? Erm…wine?!

No, come on! Someone we LOVE. How many times have you come home ranting about that awful day you had, and after a simple cuddle, you cool off? They have a way of empowering us while helping us feel more confident. Well, remember this feeling on your wedding day.

A photo of a woman and a man looking at each other - feel more confident Yes, you will feel overwhelmed. A LOT. Your special day will fly away in a heartbeat. After the ceremony, use your wedding photographer as an excuse to be alone with your groom. Yes, you’re allowed to use 15 minutes to enjoy the feeling of being newly married. Take a moment to immerse yourselves in your wedding, and let the photographer get to work. Forget the world around you and bask in your new found happiness.

Then, remember why you are there. No matter the emotions you’ll be feeling, your groom is there with you. And for you. Look into their eyes, take a deep breath, and carry on. Let them bring out the best parts of you, allow yourself to feel more confident, and take some kick-ass photos! This human has unconditional love for you, and that is the most precious thing in the world.

For a full guide to wedding day confidence, download our FREE eBook: An Important Guide To Looking Natural In Photos (Especially on your Wedding Day!)

If you have other worries about feeling more confident on your wedding day, let’s talk about it! Write a comment below, and let’s get the conversation going to bring out more confident brides in 2018!


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