I am a Man Showing Boudoir Poses!

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I am Gorgeous! (and obviously I don’t take myself too seriously)

The 5 minutes that follow our gorgeous customers being ready after their make up are the only ones in the entire experience in which their tension is visible. They look at us with that uncertainty that say “And now? OMG it is time!”. It is ok to be nervous and anyway we know that it won’t last long, especially after we explain that I will be the one striking pose after pose to show what they should do. I guess I must look quite funny judging by the sudden positive change in their expression and by the giggles that Fabiana cannot hold. After all, being gorgeous is not difficult, and if I can be, why shouldn’t you?
Showing very feminine poses – often wearing my very “manly” slippers – is one of the things that defines me as a man who does not take himself seriously at all. After all we have one life and we need to have fun and make fun of ourselves, don’t we?

A man showing Boudoir Poses at London Boudoir Photography

Why do I do it?

“Are you really showing women’s poses? Why you? You are… a man!(?)”
I get this question quite a lot – often by other boudoir photographers – especially when they know that Fabiana and I work together.
The reason why I do it is because I believe that women should feel as beautiful as they really are, and if this path of self-discovery has to go through me showing how a body looks great from the outside, that’s more than fine by me. I want everyone who decides to live our Experience to feel comfortable and confident and I do not mind showing off playing the fool to achieve this.
Fabiana and I have different styles of photography and whilst I tend to direct more, she focuses on women’s body posture and the way they naturally move and this puts me in the spotlight for posing or coaching actions.
I do it because I want every single person we photograph to re-discover themselves and their gorgeousness, and I feel this is a professional behaviour delivered in a relaxed and casual way!A man showing Boudoir Poses at London Boudoir Photography

The power of the couple

Some women ask us if they can be photographed only by Fabiana, and this is of course possible, but what we also remind those customers that one of our strengths is the unique way we work together, the way we leverage each other’s strengths and the different angles and approaches we have whilst maintaining the same vision. We like to be ourselves, we like to joke and take the mikey out of each other almost as we were in front of a friend; this is us and we know this works well in making everyone feeling at ease.

One eye, infinite bodies

We have a rich repertoire of poses and actions we coach women to flatter any body type but really what makes a fab photo is when the personality of a woman shines through and that has nothing to do with being in a perfect pose. It is when you see that sparkle in someone’s eyes that you know you have captured a decisive moment that makes that picture unique. Faby and I have a trained eye to see and photograph beauty, nonetheless we work with hundreds of different women and they are all unique in the way they move, in the way they look and in the way their eyes smile. There is no perfect pose that works every time for everybody
…but I have to admit that the poses I strike remain the best, can’t you tell?A man showing Boudoir Poses at London Boudoir Photography

More than my shape is how I shape myself

Let’s be honest and say that the images we have picked for this blog post cannot really stand against others you will find in our portfolio, but (after having stopped your highly insulting giggles) if you look closely at them you will find similarities in shapes I am able to produce with my body that look great on women (as well). Everyone’s shape is unique and it is more about how you combine your garments together and how you carry them than what you actually wear. Why don’t you try to focus on shaping your body instead of focusing just on the shape of your body? In front of the camera as well as in your everyday’s life it works wonders.

I try hard, Fabiana is a natural

When Fabiana stops an action because she thinks of something beautiful for that person I understand that it does not matter how much I try, I will never be able to compete with her. The poses she shows are so effortlessly beautiful and sexy that I end up being mocked by both Fabiana and our model. I try hard and I am definitively not effortlessly sexy, but do you really think that counts? I am not posing because I am a model, I am posing because women can relate to me and feel empowered to laugh, to be themselves and to be part of an experience together with Fabiana and me, and not just part of a cold photo shoot.

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  • Michelle Coppini

    Best post yet! Carlo I miss you. & I loved hearing about the different eyes both you and Faby have. You two are a dynamic duo! Now, if I can only get my husband to strike a pose it two lol.

    • Carlo Nicora

      Thanks Michelle, can you see how I master the curves? LOL
      We are still waiting for you to pick up a ticket to London!!!!!!!

  • sachin khona

    Awesome blog post dude!! and I’m gonna subscribe to more of your posts .. keep em coming!

    • Carlo Nicora

      Thanks Sachin! :D

  • Altea Ariano

    I was waiting for that one and loved it quite a lot :)… I definitely agree: a good laugh makes wonders to relax a bit :)… and no, my (several) giggles were not at all insulting… after all, I was laughing with you, not at you! Looking forward to work together!

    • Carlo Nicora

      I like the idea of laughing TOGETHER (does it make me look better, right?)
      LOL! A little bit of lightness of heart works wonder! :D


  • Lesley

    Oh Carlo, you handsome stud! ;) This is really brilliant! :)

    • Carlo Nicora

      HA HA HA!!!!
      “stud”? :D

      Thanks Lesley!

      PS: we should definitely catch up via skype one day to chat about the developments in our fields…


  • Emanuela

    This post definitely made my day! Xx

    • Carlo Nicora

      LOL! :)

  • Cindy

    Great post and very entertaining :)

    • Carlo Nicora

      Thanks Cindy!!! :P

  • Christa

    Fabulous Carlo!

    It’s wonderful to see your gorgeous spirit and personality shine on your blog as much as your talent.

    Love it and keep it up! (Faby, you too!)

    xoxo, Christa

    • Carlo Nicora

      Hi Christa!
      Thanks for the comment! :P

      When you will be in London give us a shout!



  • Amanda Collins Eade

    Awesome blog as always!! I am, and remain in awe of both you and Faby’s unswerving energy to engage new (potentially nervous) customers into the art of boudoir and your new ideas. Your Thursday plans sound very exciting!!

    The very best of luck to both of you and love to Faby :-)


    • Carlo Nicora

      Hello Amanda!
      We have so many things to say, so many ideas to put on paper (or more) than the time is never enough!
      It is absolutely great to hear from you and… LOOK AT ME! :D Minxy! :D


  • Amanda

    Lol! Lol!! :-D

    Absolutely minxy schminxy!!! :-D

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