I am a Man Showing Boudoir Poses!

I am Gorgeous! (and obviously I don’t take myself too seriously) The 5 minutes that follow our gorgeous customers being ready after their make up are the only ones in the entire experience [...]


7 secrets to make your pregnancy photos memorable

The most valuable photos are those you can't take anymore

Let me tell you a personal story. A couple of months ago Fabiana and I spent an entire evening browsing through more than [...]


Dolci Follie

Possiamo Tentarvi con delle Dolci Follie? (Can we tempt you with some sweet follies?)

At London Boudoir Photography we love to treat you for the unique woman you [...]


A Word on Love from London Boudoir Photography

My brain never stops...

Last Saturday night I was thinking in my sleep (yes, I am that strange!) about what I have to do for the incoming week and like most people I dread all [...]


Confidence is all you need to wear. London Boudoir Photography view

Have you ever…?

Have you ever walked into a bar or a restaurant and all the heads turn towards you? A pleasantly embarrassing situation you somehow cannot explain because you were [...]

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