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Have you ever…?

Have you ever walked into a bar or a restaurant and all the heads turn towards you? A pleasantly embarrassing situation you somehow cannot explain because you were not wearing anything special or put any extra effort to look amazing that day, nonetheless you seem to attract a lot of attention.
If you go back with your mind’s eye you maybe remember feeling different about yourself that day. Maybe your partner complimented first thing in the morning and you totally forgot about it but deep deep inside your ego was smiling and so were you. Or maybe you quickly looked at yourself in the mirror and it was one of those really good days in which you saw yourself looking really great. And that made you feel amazing and therefore you looked particularly beautiful and confident and people started noticing it. How? Maybe your posture was straighter and your walk was more secure, you were holding the gaze much longer and having hint of a smile that looked irresistible mysterious and fresh at the same time…

Confidence is all you need to wear.

Mind and body are connected – you feel good, you look good!

It is a fact that mind and body are interconnected.
If a person feels embarrassed they may blush or sometimes cross their arm to shield themselves from anything or anyone. People who are bold and over confident maybe expose their chest more and their chin points up a little because they feel invincible and they simply know they do not need any protection what so ever. These are of course generalisations but in reality there is some truth in it because we all know that when a person feels at ease, the entire facial traits are more relaxed, smiling is easy and there is almost no tension in their body. You can feel it And see it.

Confidence is all you need to wear.

Shall I?

I know a lot of women that would love to be photographed naked but they shy away from the very thought because they have not found the courage to act on it or because they think they are thin enough or curvy enough or young enough or mature enough or busty enough… There are a lot of excuses you can find not to do something but the reality is that if you do not do it it is simply never going to happen. There is only one solution to this: just do it.

Confidence is all you need to wear.

Making it happen

Find a photographer you love, read their blog to have a taste of what they are like, speak to them about what you want, express your concerns and then go with your gut feelings.
Carlo and I understand what goes behind people’s mind when it comes to deciding to book a photoshoot and as photographers we are masters in wrapping the light around your body in the most flattering way. But then it is up to you. Be committed to your choice, trust yourself and the people behind the camera. It may be scary at first but then the results will amaze you and you will be forever grateful to have beautiful images of you as well as great memories.

…and be yourself!

What do you need to do? Just wear your best smile and relax. You are already beautiful, so your confidence is all you need to wear!
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    Wonderful wonderful piece of writing, I always look forward to reading your blogs Fabiana, and these images are simply stunning. I love the 2 very different looks you’ve done for this client. I bet she LOVED them!!!

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