The Good Vibe at London Boudoir Photography

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What women love…

If there is one thing that our clients compliment us consistently for – apart from the beautiful images of course! – is the great atmosphere they feel when they are with us.

All the women we photograph are nervous when they come to us and it is mainly because they all have tons of things they are ready to mention as a “no-no” about themselves and they are afraid to see in pictures confirmation of their hyper critical perception of themselves.

As a woman I am no different and I totally understand where they come from. We never dismiss any of your concerns because we know that acknowledging them is part of what the experience is about. As it is also and moreover getting rid of them by making sure that you feel at ease in a positive environment so to have THE REAL YOU in front of our cameras.

The Good Vibe at London Boudoir Photography

How do we make you feel good?

Carlo and I have been together for a long time and we know each other pretty well. Thankfully we share the same values and passions and we are accomplices in everything we do. This is one of the secrets of our success as a couple in our personal life and in our business.

We constantly laugh at each other. For example Carlo loves to show some poses or actions in a not-so manly slippers and I make fun of him or I sometimes mispronounce something and Carlo takes the mickey out of me. The bottom line is that people can feel that we have plenty of passion and dedication for what we do and we care about who is in front of us. We really really do. That is why we spend quality time with you on the phone and in person to understand what you love about yourself so that we will focus on those details that you appreciate and want to see in your pictures.

In the end we all have fun and our women relax because they know that there are two people behind those cameras who are there for them and are truly interested in understanding who they are and what they want from their pictures, what they expect to see and to receive from the experience that is unique because tailor made on them and nobody else. That is why we cannot stress enough the importance of living the experience.

The Good Vibe at London Boudoir Photography

What would YOU like?

Do you want to have beautiful photos of you naked because you want to remember how your body looked in years to come but you need a gentle nudge or a little reassurance?
We are here for making it happen for you.

Do you want some glamorous and fun portraits of you and your best friend to celebrate your friendship?
Carlo and I are here for you.

Do you want some sensual pictures of you to surprise your partner or maybe a couple boudoir or both?
We would love to be your photographers!

The Good Vibe at London Boudoir Photography

Our style is unique and whatever you are going to choose you can be sure of the following:

  • you will feel and look gorgeous and your photos will show it! You will love them.
  • you will have beautiful pictures that are always going to be stylish and classy whatever the level of daring
  • Carlo is going to pose for you
  • you will experience that good vibe our customers love!

Contact us to book your experience now, you won’t’ be disappointed! :)

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