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Diouldé, one of our gorgeous customers made our day by making us a lovely surprise. She was not only so kind to allow us to publish some of her amazing photos, she also decided to write a lovely piece on her experience with us that we are incredibly proud to share with you. Thank you Diouldé, we are really touched by this and honoured to have you as a customer and as a friend.

My Experience

Not only it is amazing to be collaborating with Fabiana and Carlo from the London Boudoir Photography and Dolci Follie, but being able to enjoy “the Experience” was and will always be an unforgettable time!

From the start, Fabiana and Carlo were really professional and put me at ease. They clearly explained to me the whole process, what I would be going through and what I wanted out of the whole thing. They called me asking me questions to get to to know me a bit more, my likes, dislikes, and why. All questions were personal, yes, but actually helped me to get to know myself better!

So under their support, I did my own homework on what make up, hair, poses and underwear I potentially could have for my photoshoot session. I have to admit, I am lucky to be working at Dolci Follie making my lingerie wardrobe lethal weapons! (the pictures prove it all!)

All the way, I had Fabiana and Carlo supporting me in my choices, without any judgements, or pushing me in a certain choice or an other. They were here to listen to me, this is what was the most important and that show in the pictures! They are of me, wearing what I chose, with the hair and make up I was happy with, in poses I was confortable to take. I even got to pick my own music to play during the shoot! And believe me, it does help as it makes you feel more secure, you are in your environment, your world!

By the time we came to the photoshoot, I have been so much in contact with Fabiana and Carlo that it felt like they were no longer the photographers but my old time friends! That’s why the session went all smooth, it was very comfortable, and the atmosphere very warm.

Even Emma, the make up artist/hairdresser was part of the this. She was lovely and extremely professional. When I said I didn’t feel confortable with too much make up on, as I am not really used to it, she understood and without hesitation, she made my make up softer as requested, with a smile!

The photoshoot was filled with laughter! We had a great time, I certainly did. I had no time to be nervous, or have negative thoughts, like “my thighs are too big…” ok, maybe I did it once! at the end of the day I am a woman, we love to complain about ourselves, don’t we!

After only a week, I got to see the pictures! And oh my, what pictures were they! This was the icing on the cupcake!! And this is when your realise how really good and professional photographers and persons Fabiana and Carlo are!

Waiting to see the picture was maybe more stressful that doing the shoot itself for me! As it all went well, I really wanted the pictures to show it, and it surely did!

I guessed they would be good, but they were even better! I don’t mean it in a narcissistic way, but I was happy to now have amazing memories at hands! People will see the fabulous pictures, and I’ll remember how I felt like when going through “ehe Experience”. And that’s priceless!

I gained a confidence boost, as I can look at beautifully taken pictures, and not scars or muffin tops popping out!

I can surely say that this is not going the last time I’ll be using Fabiana and Carlo’s skills as professional photographers, and I am glad that I have now made new friends. In that level of intimacy, sharing boudoir pictures, I’d like to believe we can consider ourselves close friends.

So if you have always been tempted, or just had the idea of going through your mind, for yourself or for/with your loved one, do not hesitate, do it!

Remember, you just regret what you DON’T do! And believe me, you will not regret and forget this!

Do you want to ask something to Diouldé

Diouldé is one of the three amazing ladies you can find at Dolci Follie, the shop we recommend if you have any need for Lingerie. You can talk to her about her personal experience just going in their shop or just sending her an email!

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