3 Lies about making a fool of yourself in photographs

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Making a fool of yourself is something embarrassing, we all know that. I can almost see one of those terrible moments in my head, when you say or do something silly. Making the fool of yourself is something that we all have experienced, but there are moments in which the risk of making a fool of yourself is something that block us completely. Being photographed intimately is one of those moments. The fear of making a fool of yourself is so big for some women, that they rather avoid seeing themselves for the beautiful women they really are than risking to be in an embarrassing situation; however, many of the fears linked to “being photographed” as the source of making a fool of yourself are just nothing but fear.
Let us expose three of the biggest lies about embarrassing moments concerning boudoir.

In posing you will be making a fool of yourself

Whoever thought you that to have beautiful photograph of yourself you need to know how to pose is just lying. There is an alternative option, though, and it is that their experience has nothing to do with being photographed by professional photographers. Let me tell you why you won’t be making a fool of yourself in being photographed, at least by Faby and Carlo. Our experience is in photographing women, not just “professional models“. We don’t expect anyone to know what to do in front of a camera. You don’t need to know how to pose, we do. You don’t need to know how to smile for the camera, when we will relax you will smile to us.
A pose is a blueprint, but it is the person in the pose, her natural gestures, her movement to make of a pose a great picture. You won’t be making a fool of yourself because there is no pressure on you!

Nude is “one step too far”

We find the nude body a piece of art. In its delicate lines, in its curves, in its simplicity, nudity is art. This is why we refer to nude images, we call them “art nudes“. If your comfort zone stops before showing too much skin, we understand and respect that, but tasteful nudity is never offensive in our opinion. Of course we need to keep into consideration the taste of the photographer and the style with which s/he portrays the body of a woman, but between posing in swimwear or lingerie and posing nude, the difference is in the details.
What I have often seen is that it is easier to be making a fool of yourself by picking the wrong lingerie more than showing too much skin. The wrong garment can send the wrong message!

When I see myself I will realise I should not have done it!

If you are thinking this, then you are making a fool of yourself in what you think. In many years of experience, we have never had a single client regretting being photographed. We have photographed women of all sizes and shapes, from those who just lost a lot of weight before the shoot, to those who had gain some. We welcomed tall skinny girls and beautifully curvy women, but we never saw regret in anyone’s eyes.
Truth is that you are usually your worst enemy. You trust the mirrors, who lie, and silence the compliments you receive. You value more the scale than the look of others. You do all this because it is one of the things that make you, women, beautiful.

You won’t be making a fool of yourself by having your photos taken. You won’t be making a fool of yourself by posing nude, even if you think your body is far from perfect. These are all lies that someone told as she was scared, and which are easier to believe than the truth itself: a proper boudoir experience is a self confidence booster, it is a personal journey of self discovery and self appreciation.

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