The Mirror Lies: the secrets I have discovered by being a photographer

The mirror lies. This is what we have learned by photographing hundreds of women in the past few years. We have discovered that mirrors are cheaters and more often than not, they are trying to [...]


Moody Portraits

Moody portraits is something that had always attracted us. Before talking about what we are going to show you in the next months, let us tell you more about what moody portraits really are. Moody [...]


3 Lies about making a fool of yourself in photographs

Making a fool of yourself is something embarrassing, we all know that. I can almost see one of those terrible moments in my head, when you say or do something silly. Making the fool of yourself [...]


How to relax in front of a camera

How to relax in front of a camera is a hot topic. If I had to write a blog post about “how to be frightened in front of a camera“, it would be the easiest thing to do (as I have a lot [...]


Luxury photography for your curves

This month our luxury photography has been featured in Plus Model, a magazine focussing on inspiration and style for plus size women. We have been lucky enough to team up with some amazingly [...]

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