Nude Photography: An Insight Into a Photographer’s Mind

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Everyday Decisions

I have always considered myself a doer, someone who takes decisions and move forward with actions. Being a business owner, I consider this a good trait. There are some decisions that seem to be more difficult than others. The option of displaying our nude photography on this website is one of those. This post wants to be a descent into my mind, or maybe my subconscious, to give you an insight into a photographer’s mind. I will tell you about my feeling and fears regarding nude photography and nude boudoir, the doubts we face every day, in every shoot.
Welcome, once more, in my mind.

The Doubt About Being a Husband

The first, and most precious thing in my life, is Fabiana. She is every breath I take, every sunrise and every beautiful sunset. I hadn’t had to be married to her to follow the line “in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life“. If you are madly in love as I am, you know that there is nothing more serious than your relation, and photographing a nude body is something that can break a dream.
When I started photography I was not interested in nude photography -that has always been one of Fabiana’s- but soon I realised that photographing Boudoir would have naturally led to that sooner or later, and sooner than later one of the models we worked with asked us to be photographed as nature created her. What I did was simple: I said I would have let Fabiana photograph her, but I would not have participated in the shoot. The deal was set, but when the day of the shoot came, and the model started to get ready my wife wanted me on her side. She trusted me blindly, and she wanted my support and help for what was a pivotal shoot for her.

The Fear of the first Nude Boudoir

Let me be truly honest with you: the first time we shoot a nude model Fabiana took charge of the session and took fantastic photos; I was intimidated and ended up with no good images. If you think that photographing a nude body is easy, think back. Still, after more than four years, facing a person with no clothes on, ready to pose for us, is something that intimidates me.
Did you honestly think you would have been the only one nervous about your nude photos?

Seeing the forms, not watching the bodies

Every time Faby and I photograph someone, especially when we do nude photography, I do not find myself watching whom we have in front of us. When I see the female forms in front of me, I start seeing their lines and the way they can form beautiful shapes and how they can be photographed. If you had to ask me about the physical details of the last nude boudoir person we took photos of, I would not be able to answer: you should check with Fabiana. When a body is stripped to the minimum, when garments are not something to take care of, the only thing that matters is the body and how you, as photographer, can portray it in the best possible way. The camera is something I cannot hide behind, the garments are not something I can play with to diversify an image: while doing nude photography the pressure is on to make the perfect shoot while seeing the forms.

What does nude photography mean for me?

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there can be no truer sentence. For me, stripping a body from garments exposes much more than skin, it exposes the nature behind someone. Photographing someone who is cover with the bare minimum or with nothing at all shows so much of that person’s personality you wouldn’t believe.

To publish or not to publish?

Of course, the biggest decision we faced in the past few months was: are we going to publish our nude photography images, or do we let them sit in a private gallery. Well we decided to be Unapologetically Faby and Carlo, with out style, our decisions and those of you who will enjoy what we see through our eyes.

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    stunning and very inspiring photos!

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      Thanks Julia :)

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