4 Tips On How To Look Good In Photos Posing With Your Partner

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How many times have you had the opportunity of having some awesome photos of you and your partner together? And I do not talk about snapshots with your Iphone! We hardly have professional photos taken with our best friends, let aside with our partner.

Women are naturally more willing to take the step of being in front of a camera. I know, there are one million doubts before doing it, but once decided and booked the photo session, it is done. Our partners are camera shy because they are “guys” and as guys they do not like  to waste their time for…a photo shoot. If they do it is just because we have begged, pushed, entice and finally blackmailed them into doing it. It is as simple as that.

Partners and wedding photography

I talk out of experience in dealing with weddings. Carlo normally goes to the groom’s house to record his preparation whilst I take care of the bride’s. The typical situation is that I go at her parent’s house at least a couple of hours before the actual ceremony whilst Carlo goes to the groom’s place about an hour before but for him everything is done and dusted in maximum 20 minutes. After a quick preparation it is time for friends’ jokes, nervous laugher and some drinks to relax.

My role is more about taking care of everybody’s nerves and being there to capture the beautiful bride during the make up, hair and dressing ritual. It is always exciting, fabulous and unique. And it takes hours.

Let’s face it, even the most sensitive and romantic men are much more practical and matter of fact than women, so it is more challenging for them to appreciate the value that photos as memories.  Weddings and maybe an engagement shoots are traditionally the most that you have in terms of professional photos taken together. Wedding pictures are a must and even the most reluctant man has to accept that inevitable “torture” or they will have to endure a lot of pain from their mothers, mother in laws and new wives…

A new trend?

Something is changing though. Men have started recently to think of  photo shoots as a gift for their partners and vice-versa. They have been educated by the new technology – smart phones, Iphones, point and shoots, Instagram or whatever in vogue – and they now are ready – and happy! – to step in front of a camera and say cheese while kissing their girlfriends. They even post everything onto the magical world of the Internet! The important thing is to share. And sharing love is always a beautiful thing to do.

Now back to our step by step guide on how to look good in photos together with your partner.

1. Connect. The most important advice of all is to be there for your partner. Your eyes, your hands, your faces, everything contributes to making that connection unique. This is about you two and no one else. It is very easy to forget about the camera and the photographers behind it when there are the two of you concentrating on to one another while having fun.

2. Hug each other. Yes, it has to be physical. Body language is important and intimacy is definitively not a bad word. The simple gesture of putting your hearts together speaks volume about your relationship and it means closeness. Squeezing together is also a very enjoyable way of hiding some problematic areas that you may be concerned about.

3. Laugh. Being together does not need to be a serious business. It does not have to be stiff, boring or awkward. Plus, if you have a professional photo shoot it means that the photographers know how to take flattering photos of you two whilst having a laugh together because it is a question of being skilled at choosing the right angle, light and moment to make you two look at your best.

4. Trust the photographer. Carlo and I will show you how to pose and what to do because we are a real couple and we are photographers. You are going to have the best of both worlds in one simple and easy package: us.

Still undecided on your Christmas gift to your special one?

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