Bridal Boudoir: The Best Gift For Your Groom To Be

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You have waited a long time, but the big day has come and almost gone. Saying “I do” was emotional and natural at the same time, and now it is the time to give him – your husband! – his wedding gift, your Bridal Boudoir Photos.
The light coming from the door light the darkness of your room. The after party was great, you feel a little bit tired, but this is your First Night together as husband and wife. The dress was the one but it is time to let it slip on the floor. The only detail to be changed is the lingerie: under the gown your white strapless bra did its job perfectly, but it is now time to put some amazing piece of lingerie on, something a little bit spicier. He is waiting for you, looking at you as he had never seen you before. You pick the box of your bridal boudoir photographs from your suitcase
-I have a gift for you- you smile cheekily, pushing him to sit on the bed and gently leaning the folio box on his lap. When he, after a deep look in your eyes, opens the lid, you quickly pick the sexy lingerie from it, revealing the first of your Bridal Boudoir photos underneath.
You know that our mind is the strongest aphrodisiac ever, so while he will go through your fantastic bridal boudoir photos, you will have time to let your strapless fall on the bathroom floor and put on the lacy waspies you handpicked just for this moment. And when you will be ready, and he will have seen all your images, it will be time for the curtains of our story to close and those more personal of your wedding night to open.

Bridal Boudoir: The Best Gift For Your Groom To Be

A Boudoir Photo: A Unique Gift For Your Groom To Be

A Bridal Boudoir for your groom to be is a personal gift, something unique and the perfect excuse to prepare the best Wedding Night possible!
Fabiana and I got married in Italy three years ago and we know exactly how hectic the preparation of such an important day can be. And shooting some selected weddings as well we listen to our brides and grooms’ excited – and sometimes panicked – recounts. Amongst the dress, the venue, the dress, the favours, the invitation and the dress, the gift for your Groom-To-Be is generally one of those things that are often left at the very last minute, followed by the usual question: “And now what can I get him?!?!?“. Our answer to the gift for the groom is a personal and sensual Bridal Boudoir Experience.

Bridal Boudoir: The Best Gift For Your Groom To Be

Find The Time To Put The Lingerie For Your First Night

It is always great to hear some details from the brides-to-be we photographed. To make your Bridal Boudoir a truly unforgettable moment we suggest hiding the first night lingerie in our folio boxes. This has become something very popular amongst our brides. As the little story suggests, giving you the time to put it on while he browses through your beautiful photos is a way of making sure your first night to be truly special in every way!

Bridal Boudoir: The Best Gift For Your Groom To Be

Your Shape, Your Gift

We all know that the months leading to the wedding day are busy but in the hectic schedule every bride finds the time to get back in shape. Fabiana planned carefully her diet and exercise to get to the weight she wanted before the big day, slipping perfectly in her red wedding gown.
We know how many photos your wedding photographers will take of you, and we know every bride wants to look at her best. So why not making the most of the great results by having more amazing images of you with the shape you love? It is like killing two birds with the same stone! (And you will be an even more beautiful Bird)

Bridal Boudoir: The Best Gift For Your Groom To Be

Is White The Colour?

In our opinion a Bridal Boudoir should be photographed with your bridal lingerie, where white is generally the leading colour. The garter with its blue ribbon and the white or ivory corset, or your own take on the bridal lingerie, are something that should always be shown as they will evoke strong powerful emotions. When you will look at them in the years to come, you will remember your wedding day from the most personal point of view.
If you have the first night lingerie, may it be a nice waspies or some sensual selected pieces, we always suggest to have them ready as well for your Experience. Red, Gold, Champagne, Black, White or nothing at all: your Bridal Boudoir Experience will be a fabulous gift for your groom to be

Bridal Boudoir: The Best Gift For Your Groom To Be

When Should I Book My Bridal Boudoir Experience?

Because the planning of your wedding requires all your focus especially when the date is getting closer, we suggest to have Bridal Boudoir Experience at least two months before your special day. Let your images shine with the peace of mind to have enough time to receive your products for your First Night. The last weeks are always the busiest of the preparation, therefore starting your experience two months before your big day is a perfect timing.
When is your wedding day going to be? Have you considered a Bridal Boudoir as unique gift for your groom to be?

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