The Boudoir and Portrait Experience: 6 Steps to a Bespoke Photo Shoot

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Boudoir and Portraits Tailor Made On Your Dreams

The importance of having your Boudoir Experience customised on your ideas is something we have repeatedly underlined. We do not have a pre-made package that we offer to every woman, we want to know you a little bit more before having you in front of our cameras. This, in our opinion, is part of what a boutique photo studio is. It is the close relation, the connection and the importance of what you would love for yourself. It is also how we love to work! Today we will reveal the 6 main steps to make your Boudoir or portraits photo shoot a real experience tailored made on You!

  • The Experience Call
  • The Mood Board
  • The Location
  • The Experience Emails
  • Your Photo Shoot
  • Your Viewing Session

When I was working in the IT field, I was used to saying that there isn’t one coding language that is “the best” available. Coding languages are like dresses: the best one is the one that fits your needs. Moving to the photography industry, I haven’t changed my idea: the best photographers are simply the ones that give you images that are valuable to you.
Let us tell you more about how we make sure every woman we photograph (I hate calling them customers, they are much more than that to us) lives an experience focussed on herself.

The Boudoir and Portrait Experience: 6 steps to a Bespoke Photo Shoot

The “Experience Call” and how we get to know you

Before booking any session, we love to talk to every woman interested in being beautifully photographed. We do this for two main reasons:

  • Understanding a little bit more about who you are and what you dream to see in your images
  • Making sure we are the perfect photographers for you

Both of these reasons are extremely important. With a list of questions, some more personal, some more lighthearted, we want to understand something more about you because we want you to have a fantastic time during your Boudoir experience and beautiful photos.
Secondly -but not for importance- we want to be sure that we are the right photographers for you. We want to get on board only women we know will live a happy and positive experience with us.

The Boudoir and Portrait Experience: 6 steps to a Bespoke Photo Shoot

The Mood Board

One of the things we ask is to send us a list of images that are meaningful to you: those photos that stop you from turning the page in magazines and those you would love to see on the wall of your home. We want to deeply appreciate what you think is beautiful; by understanding what are the common elements in those images we will have  a better idea of what you find interesting and pleasing to the eye. From your initial selection we will then extend the list of photos with some others we feel you will love to create a Mood Board for your Boudoir photo shoot and add more excitement and anticipation to that day. A mood board is not a list of images that we will reproduce, but it is a set of visual reference for what we will create for you. You are unique, your curves are unique, your eyes are unique and so your images will be. You experience is not going to be not the copy of pictures we shot already with someone else or something that some other photographers did.

The Boudoir and Portrait Experience: 6 steps to a Bespoke Photo Shoot

The Location for your Boudoir Photo Shoot

A detail of a boudoir photo shoot not to be underestimated is the place where it is shot. In many years of experience we have listed three main locations where “our women” want to be photographed:

    • The “home advantage” is something fundamental in sport, but would you have ever said it was the same when dealing with photography? Indeed it is: a lot of customers love to be photographed in their own environment. The familiarity of your own walls makes it easier to relax and enjoy the Experience at its best!
    • What is your style? A modern and minimalistic one with straight lines or a baroque four posters bed? Whichever you like, in London you can really find anything you want. Enjoy your night in the room before or after being photographed.
    • The first place we used as a studio was… a typical studio. Then one day we photographed a woman in our cosy home-studio (the same we use for our editorials) and it was a success. Being in a personal environment our client relaxed after 10 minutes. We realised that making you feel at home is the most crucial factor in choosing our studio: this is why we opted for our cosy, welcoming home studio.

Which one do you think would suit your style best?

The Boudoir and Portrait Experience: 6 steps to a Bespoke Photo Shoot

The Experience Emails

Between our first Experience Call and your photo session, we like to send the information you need in easily digestible emails you can read when it is more convenient to you. We don’t pile up all the information in one go, but we will give you every tool to prepare to your Boudoir or Portrait session with the right timing. From garments we believe will help you look fabulous in our images to the places where to find them, from little hints and tips on how to look at your best to the things we would love you to do before your shoot.

All of this is part of your experience.

The Boudoir and Portrait Experience: 6 steps to a Bespoke Photo Shoot

Your Photo Shoot

Do you know that that the most crucial part of your shoot is your level of relaxation? It is not just the pose, it is not the unique location you can be photographed in, but it is about you. The images that made our customers the happiest were the ones for which they exclaimed “THAT is me! And I look Gorgeous!”. Yes, the most noticeable aspect of all is how you feel because the more relaxed you are, the more you will see us as Faby and Carlo instead of our lenses, the more you will be yourself. During a photo shoot we are personable, we take the mickey out of each other, we are loud and smiley because having fun during is an essential part of your Boudoir and Portrait Experience.

The Viewing Session

If you think that the most nerve-wrecking bit of the Experience is before your photo session, think back! We can assure you that your photo shoot will start tense and will end in laughter. It is the week between the last frame we took of you and the moment you will see how we saw your that will be the most intense. We want to make of your viewing session a moment to enjoy with friends: we will have something to drink, to eat, a friendly chat and your photos.

Are you ready for Your Boudoir Experience? Because it can actually start now!

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