The Boudoir and Portrait Experience: 6 Steps to a Bespoke Photo Shoot

Boudoir and Portraits Tailor Made On Your Dreams

The importance of having your Boudoir [...]


Change My Shape In Photoshop? Yes or No?

Changing a woman's shape in photoshop can be done, but is it what you want?

Ten years ago almost nobody knew about photoshop. You knew about it if you were a designer, [...]


Skinny VS Curvy? We pick Healthy!

Who is the most desirable?For decades now there has been an ongoing battle between skinny vs curvy women. The fashion industry and the media define what is considered desirable by proposing [...]


Glamorous Portraits VS Glamour: The Misconceptions Of Our Culture

If I think “Glamorous”… In my mind I have always associated the word Glamorous with a very cinematic set of images. Glamorous brings to my mind photos of women as Sofia Loren, [...]


5 tricks on how to look good in photos. Every single time.

Dreading to be in front of the camera because you do not photograph well? Whilst it is true that certain people look fab in every single picture, it is a myth that certain women are not [...]

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