Couple Boudoir: what is it all about?

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Is Boudoir for women alone?

The name Boudoir literally means “a woman’s bedroom or private room” so people immediately identify our genres of photography as “for women only”. What is often underestimated, though, is the meaning behind “private bedroom”. In the nineteenth century in fact, noblewomen were known to use their private rooms to be entertained; the Boudoir was, in short, the private domain of a woman, where she was allowed to do whatever she pleased.

Couple Boudoir : what is it all about?

Up and Coming Her+Him

The type of photography we do is intimate and sensual because we focus on releasing every woman’s feminine side. The request of having the same type of images with a partner -the so called Couple Boudoir– is today on the rise thought. From framing the beauty of a woman, this branch of Boudoir is now focussing more on the interaction between a woman and her partner maintaining the classic sensual style. This is a game changer.

Couple Boudoir : what is it all about?

Couple Boudoir is about interaction

One of the resistance towards the “couple boudoir” we have noticed in photographers has a some good reasons: photographing a woman requires a particular set of skills, while photographing a couple goes beyond that. Professionals who are used to pose women’s body know how to shape curves, how to coach actions that enhance their beauty, while in order to photograph a couple the relationship and the connection between the partners is the most important element.
Before focusing on Boudoir we have worked in the fashion and editorial industry for quite a while where we were used to deal with models acting as couples. This means that we worked hard to make sure the interaction between partners was great even before we learned how to pose women alone; this is why opening London Boudoir Photography to couples as well is a fresh breath of air for us.

Couple Boudoir : what is it all about?

How spicy?

In an ordinary Boudoir session we always ask how much skin you want to reveal, in the same way we suggest you to decide how “heated” you would like your Couple Boudoir session to be.

  • We will focus on the gentle cuddles between you and your partner. The session is intimate and sensual, but it is not revealing. We like to think about it as the Beautified version of a Family Portrait.

  • If you want to show some more heat in your relation, the “spicy” is the right one for you. Mainly focused on lingerie, the images are more sensual than those in the Lemon&Herbs, but you will still be able to show them to your best friends

  • If what you are looking for is photos that will underline the passion that runs between you and your partner and you are not shy of showing some skin, the “Passionate” is for you. Always retaining our classy style, these images are intense and unique.

Couple Boudoir : what is it all about?

Book your Couple Boudoir session today!

If you are one of those who have always wanted an intimate, yet classy experience with your significant other, this is your opportunity. During the months of May and June the cost of the session for couples will be on us!
When would you like to book yours?

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