Why Google Adwords is not performing for your Photography Business? Part 2

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Campaign, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords: the structure of Google Adwords

In a previous post, we started discussing Google Adwords. Today we will dig a little bit deeper as Google Adwords is easy when you know how to make the most out of it. There are few uncomplicated rules to follow: knowing the elements of a healthy campaign and not to placing all your eggs in one basket is a good way to start. Using Google Adwords can certainly help you attract visitors on your website, let’s see how we can make sure to attract the right kind of visitors (AKA those who will become customers). From here we will analyse the four components of a Google Ad, we will just talk about them from the smallest (keywords) to the largest (campaigns) as it will help you plan your Advertising strategy through Google Adwords.


Working with the right keywords is fundamental to a healthy campaign. By now you should know your ideal customer pretty well, and through Google Keyword Tool you should know which are the keywords she uses when searching through Google. If you are a Child Photographer in the Nappy Valley you can certainly start analysing the best combination of keywords amongst “baby”, “newborn”, “photography”, “Clapham Junction“, “Nappy Valley”, “SW11”. Remember that a keyword in not necessarily a single word, but it can be a list of words placed together. You should check the post on Google Keyword Tool to understand how to build your keywords correctly. Last, but not least, it is always a good practice to manually search with your keywords, checking which other competitors are bidding on the same words. If no adverts are present in your search, it should be wise to understand if your idea is groundbreaking or if it is just a lousy one! Once your keywords are ready – and focussed on your ideal customer – it is time to start talking about Ads.


An Ad is the single advert Google shows to its users when they do a research. The Advert is composed by a title, two lines of description and a visible URL. In order to create a powerful Ad you should follow these guidelines:

  • Use your Keyword in the text of the ad;
  • End the title of your Ad with a full stop or an exclamation mark;
  • Capitalise Every Single Word In Your Ad;
  • Make sure that the URL contains your keywords as well;
  • Use the first line of the description to describe your product or service;
  • Use the second line of the description to captivate the reader (discounts etcetera).

It is essential that your landing page, the URL you use contains the same keywords you have used in your text and that the same keywords are relevant for your entire website. In this way, Google Adwords will higher the relevance of the keyword you are using, giving your keywords a higher quality score and lowering the price to show your ads. Another important point to remember is that you should have more than one keyword for your ads as well as more than one Ad for every ad group and of course more than one ad group for every campaign. I like to use three Ad Groups for Every Campaign and three Ads for every Ad Group. This way you can check which word combination, promotion or keyword performs better and which one needs updating.

Ad Groups

To me an Ad Group is a specific collection of Adverts. For example, if I want to focus a campaign on Boudoir Photography, I will certainly create a group targeting brides to be, one focussing on lingerie and one on the use of the word Boudoir. A group help you creating segment for a specific campaign, making it easier to analyse the result of your Ads.Please do not underestimate the importance of checking the performances of your Ads, as they will help you discover the market niches where your ideal customers may lie.


A campaign is the higher level of hierarchy for Google Adwords. For example, a campaign identifies a specific branch of your photography or a promotion. The campaign also specifies all the technical details about how much you want to spend and where your ads will be shown.

You Have Visibility, Now What Should You Do?

Now it is time to experiment, to make sure to create your campaign, ad groups, ads and keywords making sure they create the best keyword relevance for your ads and website. It is time to try and to see what works best, always keeping in mind that driving visits on your website is not difficult, the challenging bit is to transform them from visitors to customers!

One 2 one

If you want to learn more about Google Adwords with one-2-one web tuitions, just contact us and we will gladly customise a session for you, face to face or online!

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