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The greatest gift you can give a mother is to see her children’s smile and knowing that they are happy and healthy.

The emotional roller coaster you feel when your children come to the world is often lived privately by the close family so that those unique moments are left only to our memory.  There are no photos, no videos and despite the intensity of what is happening, with time the details inevitably fade away.

It is similar of the day of your wedding. So much time to prepare for one of the most important days of your life and then it goes in a blink of an eye.  But you will have your pictures and video to remember. They will remind you of all the details you missed in the whirlwind of the moment. Those memories will stay there as long as you will have those pictures.

14th February. A day of Love and joy

Today we have double reason to be joyful and talk about Love.

Our good friend Emanuela will give birth to her second boy at St Thomas’s Hospital in London.

Manu is an outstanding newborn and children photographer and knowing her I am sure that if she could, she would be crazy enough to take her camera and start shooting her baby straight away.

Actually she is already talking about “positioning and styling” her baby to make better pictures. Yes, she is that passionate. And that crazy.

Our gift

On our part we have been thinking a lot of what we could give her as a gift to celebrate this beautiful day.

As friends and photographers we feel and think alike and we treasure our memories above anything else as well as good art.  The idea came after watching Hayley Bartholomew’s emotional video of a water birth and we felt that being there with Manu to shoot both stills and video would be the greatest gift we could give her and her family.

Today, with her permission, we will take our cameras and record her baby boy coming to the world.

We find incredibly emotional the idea that her baby boy, many years from now, will be able to listen to his parents’ first words and see the first time his big brother Maxi and grandparents will meet him.

We feel also incredibly privileged to be able to witness such a beautiful moment and we hope with all our heart that we will be able to deliver the full extent of the beauty of what is going to happen so that Mau and her family can treasure it forever.

S. Valentine’s Day is the day of Love and today we will celebrate it in the best possible way. Not with an ordinary romantic dinner but by witnessing life coming to the world.

We wish Emanuela, Nico, Maxi and the new baby the best of luck in this day of love. We love you guys and could not be happier for you.

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