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If you have been around for a while, you may have noticed some changes on the website lately! We are working to bring some order in the many genres of photography we love. Since we left the name “London Boudoir Photography” few years ago, we have focussed on being ourselves. This website update wants to bring a fresh design to our website.
We have kept the focus on large images, both in our home page and in our blog. We want them to speak before our words. Another crucial change is about our contents. From today, all the juicy information for photographers, our courses and workshops will be available on a child website: photographers.fabyandcarlo.com We thought that separating what we teach from our Boudoir contents would have given the possibility to you to focus on what you want to see and read.
What are we going to focus on here on Faby and Carlo, the home of London Boudoir Photography?

Body Confidence

We believe that every woman is beautiful. We really do. We also believe that confidence is one of the best traits women can possess. We will therefore focus our attention to this: speaking to you about confidence.
And if you are not sure if boudoir, or being photographed almost, if not completely naked, and confidence have in common, that is probably because you have never tried a Boudoir Experience. We don’t photograph beautiful women, we photograph women beautifully. We focus on what’s unique about every single woman, and we make a journey out of it.

Uncompromisingly Faby and Carlo

In the pages of this website, you will find our work. You will see women in lingerie, as well as artistic nudes and everything that is “woman”. We focus on Elegance, on the Italian Style that make us stand out from the crowd. Yet we won’t betray our vision for appealing to a wider or simpler market. We won’t compromise on quality, as well as not being ourselves. The best feedback we regularly get talks about how we manage things, how we make people feel, and this is something we won’t redesign.

Beautiful Images

We based our business on the quality of the images we can create. The quality of images you see on these pages can be reproduced with every single woman: we will focus on everyone’s strengths, but our promise is that you will love yourself in the photographs we will take of you!

We don’t bite!

We are here for you. We want to hear from you, talk to you and make you understand if a Boudoir Experience is something for you. Don’t be shy, we have never bitten anyone and we don’t plan to start anytime soon. We live in a judgment-free zone and you can speak freely with us, as your confidential words won’t go anywhere!

Welcome on the new Faby and Carlo. Have a stroll around and let us know if you like it!


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