Women with Fuller Busts can Now Enjoy Beaujais Lingerie

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What Great Lingerie To Wear if you have Fuller Busts?

It is quite common for us to be asked what style or brand of lingerie works best for a boudoir photo session. For women with fuller busts, in particular, it may be difficult to find products that provide good support without compromising on style. We have started doing some researches in the field, especially because we want to give you good advices on how to look amazing in your boudoir photos, and we have found a brand that is absolutely amazing for fuller busts women: Beaujais! We contacted them and we managed to bring them in for shooting their products and the results are absolutely stunning! But read the post until the end, as there is a Big Surprise for all Bigger Busted readers!

Women with Fuller Busts can Now Enjoy Beaujais Lingerie

Comfort and Support or Style and Lace?

The big discussion is always there for women with generous cup size: do you want a bra that is comfortable and gives you support OR do you want something stylish with some lace, something feminine? We think that it should not matter if you are a fuller busts or if you have a slim chest, you should be able to pick both! We have read some interesting articles on what are the brands that better suit the “fuller busts” however we wanted to dig deeper. We wanted to find a brand that was able to bring the comfort women with fuller busts need together with a stylish approach. The combination of silk and lace you can find in Beaujais is certainly something we see fit for an incredible Boudoir photo shoot, for a romantic evening (and night of course) as well as wearing every day!

Women with Fuller Busts can Now Enjoy Beaujais Lingerie

Working with Like Minded People

One of the things that helped us deciding if Beaujais would have been good for London Boudoir Photography was Alice Warner. She is the founder of the company and she is one of the sweetest persons we have ever met. Alice and us clicked immediately: in our initial chat we discovered we are passionate about the same things while dealing with our businesses. We both love to provide a first class service, we love our customers to be completely happy and we have a job that is more than just a job: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” [Confucius].
Alice was so in line with our way of treating customers that we decided that she would have served you the same way we do. This is what we are looking for!

Women with Fuller Busts can Now Enjoy Beaujais Lingerie

Our Tester: an Experienced Model

We had the luck of having an amazing model to test Beaujais products: Emma Frain. She has been in the Glamour and Commercial industry for years and having her trying the lingerie was a win-win situation. First of all she is a real fuller busts girl, moreover she is a lingerie model, therefore she has tried a lot of bras! The first good feedback was few seconds after she wore the first bra: “Wow, this is really comfy!“, When an experienced model says things like this you know the product works.

Women with Fuller Busts can Now Enjoy Beaujais Lingerie

A Gift from Beaujais for London Boudoir!

News are not over yet as we have a gift for everyone of you! Every reader of our Newsletter will receive a 20% discount on all Beaujais products! Do you want to make the most out of this promotion? Just Sign up for our weekly newsletter and you will get a discount code to use on all their amazing products! Signing up is simple, just fill the form below and you will find the code in our next email!!!


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