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What is inner beauty?

The fabulous Audrey Hepburn once said that “the beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows, and the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows”.
My personal definition of inner beauty is the energy that resides in all of us and we express in the way we carry ourselves, we look at the world and we interact with the people around us. Inner beauty shines through when our eyes have that particular sparkle full of life and enthusiasm, it is the passion when we talk about something we love, when we smile all excited, when we incline our heads to listen intently to something interesting. It is the very essence of our unique personality. What makes us special and unique.

Why photography is so intriguing and “scary” at the same time?

If you are anything like me you are probably anxious about seeing a different angle of yourself and maybe not that attractive. We have our own perception of how we look and we can like it or not, but we feel strongly about it. In a way, it is like seeing us through others’ eyes. For example, have you ever dreamt of being able to hear others’ thoughts? Uh… scary. I would be scared. On the other hand it would also be so great to find out that people have a very nice opinion of us and we are truly loved… Well, pictures are no different. What if we see something we do not like? What if we are convinced that our legs are our great asset and then we see a picture where they look nothing like we thought and they are just two big trunks? It is our biggest fear that comes true before our eyes. And we are very good at picturing these kind of situations in our mind. But have you ever considered what if you find out that you are more beautiful than you thought? What would the result be? Wonderfully empowering, confidence boosting and elating.

What stops us?

  1. We care way too much about what others – even people we do not know – think of us.
    We have to come to terms that WE have to love ourselves! If we love ourselves the world will love us.
  2. In our mind pictures are about how we look through “objective” eyes.
    Every photographer has their own style and vision of the world exactly like you. This is why we are unique individuals.
  3. We often think we are not very photogenic.
    If you take those Facebook photos that your friends take of you as an example of how you generally look in photos, well I totally understand where you are coming from. Yes, they are pictures of you. BUT a lot of them are blurred or out of focus and most of them are absolutely unforgiving. We are talking about wrong angles, light and moments where nobody – not even Elle McPherson – could come me out pretty in such harsh conditions. Really! Of course in that case it is all about the funny and embarrassing memories, but having a professional photo shoot is very different and fortunately so much more than snapping happy (whilst being maybe a little tipsy).

A photo captures much more than just physical appearance

Certain cultures believe that taking pics of them would steal their soul. But if we think about it…how far is that from being actually true? Too often we believe that we need to be “perfect” physically to look beautiful but it is so not true…! It is our inner beauty, our heart and soul that make us so unique! The way we feel and giving ourselves permission to be ourselves makes all the difference.

As a photographer I am aware that I am able to frame a fraction of someone else’s life when I raise my camera. Every click is a unique moment and it is up to me to make every one of them look memorable and beautiful. How? Just working the right angles, the light, or the F stops correctly (technical stuff) is not enough. That is just knowledge and skills that every photographer should have and after years of experience, practice and study it becomes second nature. It is about Carlo and I helping bringing out your inner beauty. It is being aware of what is going on around us, sensing when the right moment is coming and being there ready to welcome it, capture it and showing it to you so that you can fall in love with yourself.
The photographer needs to be sensitive to work with you, coaching you to let go of your insecurities, build trust to make you feel nothing less than the beautiful person you are.
And what about you? You should go with your instincts and choose who you feel you can trust, love their style, their ability of “seeing” beauty as nobody sees it and go for it. Embrace who you are. With joy.

I feel blessed to be a photographer and hell yes, Carlo and I would be honoured to be yours.
If you feel we are YOUR photographers book your session now.

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