To change your life you don’t need a stroke

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To change your life you don’t need to be hit in the head by a brick. For too many people to change your life you have to be reminded of how ephemera life can be. This article has been sparkled by a person I interviewed for a job. I like the guy’s approach to life, and when he told me his story, I understood that to change your life you don’t need a stroke as a reminder you are mortal and that once you are gone, you are gone.
Change your life is something we can do, and while the best moment to start to change your life would have been yesterday, the second best time is now.
As a photographer I respect once said: if you need a sign to change your life, this is it!

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Change your life before it’s too late. Where did it all start?

As I mentioned above, everything started during a Skype conversation. The guy I was interviewing was telling more about his life and how he became a digital nomad. Without much emphasis on the matter he said: ten years ago I had a stroke, and that made me understand that the life I was living was not the one I wanted.
I never had a stroke (and I really hope I never will), but getting to know someone who experienced this and managed to change his life following what he wanted was an eye-opener.

change your life fabyandcarlo

TO change your life you should let go of expectations

Sometimes life likes to remind you of your mortality. Sometimes it does it with a brick in your face, or with a simple stroke. The thing is that to change your life you shouldn’t be reminded how life can be here one day, and can be gone the day after; To change your life you should start living the present, without dwelling on the past or anticipating your future. By living today, you will discover that some times what we are doing, our daily routine, our life is not what we want. It is as simple as that, and that knowledge should be the real trigger to change your life.
What do really matter to you? Remember to change your life you need to understand that this is about you, what you want and what you dream. Expectations are somehow negative for our lives, but the worst is if we live our life by someone else’s expectations. To change your life you should embrace yourself, you should be yourself.
Shall we start together?

change your life fabyandcarlo

What is holding you back?

Changes come with a gap. That gap is what we live every day, those things that are known, those daily gestures we know so well and that make us feel safe. To change your life you have to let go of those feelings, as they are the first that are holding you back. When we moved from Italy to London, we fear that the jump would have shattered us. We said to ourself that the first six months would have been the worst, but we realised they weren’t. They were not much different for the last six, just more weird. What hold us back the year before leaving was the fear of failure. We would have been ready before, but we did not let go of fear and expectations.
To change your life before it is too late, you need to understand what is holding you back. This is often a very difficult step to do, as it requires us to look inside ourselves, and this is often a challenging thing.

change your life fabyandcarlo

Meditate and Declutter your life from things

There are two advices I can give you if you want to change your life. Meditate and declutter your life from things. To change your life you need calm, a good level of introspection and you need to let go other people’s expectations. Meditation will help you in this path. To know more about meditation (it is nothing exotic, I promise) I would recommend you reading Mindfulness in Plain English, an amazing book on the subject.
The second step to change your life would be learning to letting go. Let go of the negative thoughts, of the object that clutter your life: you don’t need more things, you need a clearer vision. On this subject you can read Leo Barbuta free ebook on letting go.

Looking at these two paths will require very little effort but can be a huge spur to change your life before a stroke, or any other brick to hit your face before you finally realise that if you are not living the life you want, today is the best moment to change things!

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