The belief of being photogenic

Last week I was photographing an event, and the issue of “being photogenic” popped up once more. Once more I was reminded the confidence breeds confidence as well as the belief of [...]


To change your life you don’t need a stroke

To change your life you don’t need to be hit in the head by a brick. For too many people to change your life you have to be reminded of how ephemera life can be. This article has been [...]


Photo poses: the one secret behind natural looking images

Photo poses are one of those things that can make or break a photographer. You can master amazing poses, yet capturing only mediocre images. There is a reason why good images does not necessarily [...]


Professional photographers for your wedding are not needed says Vogue

You don’t need professional photographers to capture one of the most important days of your life. At least this is what Vogue says! Yes, the magazine that more than anyone else lives on [...]


Shall I trust this business? The importance of an outstanding customer service

The type of photography we do is about being in service to others. It is about using our skills and experience to make women feel and look great. We inform, educate, couch, pamper and empower [...]


The hidden danger of selfies

We all are guilty of having taken at least one or two selfies in our lives, and let’s be honest, it is fun. I am not talking about those self-obsessed people that post at least 10 selfies a day [...]

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