The Concept of Real Beauty is a Smoking Mirror 

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Men and women have different approaches to reality, and to concepts such as “real beauty”. For a girl, the concept of “real beauty” will always have that glossy and a sort of dreamy feeling, while for a man real beauty is something “raw” where imperfections are exposed.
For the “Dove” campaign, real beauty means showing women with curves.
Who is right? And how we define real beauty?

Photography and real beauty

I said it many times already, but when it comes to women’s image, we are the worst judges of our real beauty. Insecurities, bad experiences, denial are long standing companions of our existence.
When we feel upset because what we see reflected in the mirror or – even worse – captured in a picture is different from the image of ourselves we hold in our mind, we fail to see our real beauty.

For me Photography creates magic. It allows me to show you the world as I see it, and especially my very personal concept of real beauty.
Photography is partly responsible for creating the general perception of real beauty, and for this reason Carlo and I have been discussing for a long time the ethicality and the appropriateness of using Photoshop in our boudoir photo shoots.
Our conclusion? It is ok to relax because photography is a game of smoking mirrors by its very nature.
And the same goes for the concept of real beauty. Why? I will give you an example.
I can make Beyonce look ugly in two seconds if I want to. I only need to shoot her from the wrong angle and the job is done.
Does this mean that Beyonce is ugly? Of course not. But ask yourself how you developed your perception of her real beauty. How many pictures of a stunning Beyonce you see around? Tons! You take for granted that she is naturally photogenic and when you see a bad picture of her, you know that it was just an unfortunate moment.
And what about you? Many women think they do not look great based on how well they photograph. But how many good professional pictures of you do you have? Maybe not so many.
Does a bad picture make Beyonce less beautiful? No, right?
So why this simple concept does not apply to you?

Photography can make you see your real beauty

Do you believe you have a big bottom? I can avoid to photograph it, so you will not see it in any of your pictures…or I can shoot it and show you the best picture you will ever have of your bum.
What is going to be? Who is right?
You can agree with me on my view or not, but I can promise you we will do our best to show you from the outside the real beauty that lies within you. We believe that every woman is beautiful and deserves to see their real beauty.
I am proud of making you feel gorgeous and I will never feel ashamed of that, because Carlo and I care about who you are and dream for yourself. We thrive in seeing you more confident after having shown your real beauty shining from the inside out.
Photographing women makes us happy and we do it with all our heart.

A great photo is about a mix of a lot of different elements, and the result is the photographer’s interpretation of reality as well as the viewers’. When the photographer really cares about who they have in front of them, they will interpret everything they see with the same love. And the result cannot be other than a great and empowering experience for both.

Are you ready for your experience? So, when is it going to be?
Contact us today to talk about it.

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