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If there is one particular thing I am proud of Faby and Carlo (London Boudoir Photography) is the personal feedback we receive from our customers. Today I am not going to talk about our images. Our style is displayed in every page of this site, and you can love it or hate it. Today I will talk about Faby and Carlo, the way we are. That is something that defines our brand, our style and… well it is us.
We say that we are “Uncompromisingly Faby and Carlo“, as what you see is what you get. This is why the Skype or phone conversation part of every Boudoir Photography Experience is not optional. We want to know you, but more than that, we want you to know who we are. If you are thinking of being photographed intimately, we believe you should know who your photographers are.

Why we don’t take ourself too seriously

One of the things we say to everyone is that we don’t take ourself too seriously. The world is already full of worries that we prefer to live our lives mindfully. We believe that a smile on our face can change the way the world responds to us, so we tend to be positive and easy going.
Does this affect our professionalism? No, of course not. It simply means that we leave our worries out of the door. We believe that taking a deep breath before over-reacting is a nice way of living.
Do you like this approach?

Faby and Carlo or London Boudoir Photography?

Faby and Carlo started under the name London Boudoir Photography quite few years ago. What we discovered, though, was that a name like that one was not telling much of who is behind the cameras. We moved to “Faby and Carlo” last year, and it has been the best decision ever as that is more who we are.
In the beginning, I said that we are proud of the personal feedback we receive from our customers. Images aside, we are proud we can make everyone comfortable in their skins. And if you think about it, seen that you will wear few things more than that, being comfortable in your skin is the most important part in a Boudoir Photography Experience.

Why Uncompromisingly Faby and Carlo?

In the past, we have tried being who we are not. We tried to become conservative in our style. We tried to appeal to a wider audience. It was a failure. We compromised on who we are, providing an Experience that was not at the quality level we are used to offer. The good thing is that we learned from our mistakes.
Faby and Carlo” is a style. “Elegantly sultry“, underlying the “angelic/sensual” duality that every woman has. Our style is the one you can see today on every image in our website. We are not scared of the non-sexual nudity, and we know how to photograph it well. This is the style of Faby and Carlo, our style. We have decided that to provide the best service, we do not compromise on that. If you like what you see on our website, I can guarantee you will not find a better service for this style.
Uncompromisingly Faby and Carlo, because only being passionate in what we do we can make you feel and look fabulous.

Get to know us

We want to know you, who you are. We want to know your dreams, your visual preferences, the magic that you would love (secretly or not) to see in your photos. There is something more important than this, though. You are going to be almost naked, if not totally nude, in front of a photographer. This takes guts, but it requires trust. We want you to know us because the trust that can make the thrill become a positive, exciting Boudoir Photography Experience is all you need.
We often rely on technology when distances are too wide. London is big, and traveling from one side of it to the other may take you away hours. Or maybe you are in the States or in Europe, so a face to face meeting is not feasible. But if you are around the corner, you are always welcome for a cup of coffee or tea.
There is one more detail about getting to know us. We have an open book policy: there are no taboo questions. At Faby and Carlo, what you see is what you get.

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