Help! My partner gave me a gift voucher for a boudoir photo session

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Imagine this. Your partner comes home with a strange expression on his face. He does not look at you in the eyes while he says he has got something for you. “Oh, he must have done something bad” you think. But instead, he gives you a small envelope he was hiding behind his back. A card? But S. Valentine’s day is tomorrow. You open it, more and more curious by the minute.
A card? No, it is a voucher! A voucher for a boudoir photo session? Oh my…and now?

Understanding what it is a boudoir photo shoot about and what it is not

You can sense your mind racing. So, he gave you a voucher for a boudoir photo session.
You look at him, surprised, excited and a bit shy by the thought of being photographed…half naked. And he is clearly ok with that.
A boudoir photo session?
All sorts of strange images come to mind and you start feeling uncomfortable. “Does he want me to look like those girls with their boobs out, looking cheap and tacky on those lad mags?”
You look at the voucher he gave you again, and finally you notice the pictures on it. All those women on the voucher look gorgeous and stylish, and a boudoir photo session is nothing like you had imagined to be. Every single picture looks like a high-end lingerie advertising you see on fashion magazines…nothing tacky or cheap is going on there.
Thank goodness.

Shopping for lingerie

After the moment of relief, you think of the state of your poor lingerie. Maybe you feel it is pretty boring and dated now.
True, you still have one or two nice pieces for those special occasions, but you definitively need something new.
How long have you been thinking of going shopping to Agent Provocateur? You really wanted to surprise him, but did not have the time to do it, and this is the perfect opportunity to go shooooooppingg! YAY!

The pictures show beautiful lace, delicate silk and sheer tops that are elegant yet sultry, and that is exactly what you are going for because you can see how good they photograph and how beautifully sensual they look.

What would your girlfriends say?

You already think of asking your girlfriends to come shopping with you so you can tell them all about it. Or maybe only some of them…surely there are one or two that would go all weird about it, and you need all the support you can get from your friends.
In fact, you feel a bit strange about telling them about the boudoir photo session. It is such a private thing…but you cannot keep it secret because it is too exciting! And in any case there is nothing wrong with it.
Your partner gave you a voucher for a super stylish and gorgeous boudoir photo session and deep down who would not want to have beautiful pictures of themselves in beautiful lingerie?
When you find yourself dreaming of a Victoria Secret kind of picture of you for a second, you now start to be really very excited and nervous about it.

Losing those 5 pounds

So, it is decided. You are going to be photographed beautifully in luxury lingerie. Now you are almost not sure you can pull it out. You suddenly feel you should lose at least 5 pounds and you actually say it out loud in front of him.

He confesses that he looks forward to seeing your pictures because you are gorgeous exactly as you are.
That’s it. That sounds exactly like Mr Darcy in “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, but you quite like that.
You are still mentally visualising how many sit ups you will have to do, and the alcohol you have to cut down before considering to put a date in your diary, but if you needed a confirmation that he finds you quite hot, you just had it. And it feels amazing.

Sounds familiar?
Did you partner ever gave you such a gift?
Let us know how you handled the news of your imminent boudoir photo session, or what you would do if that would happen to you by leaving a comment below.

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