How to Remember Through Images

These days are difficult for Faby and me. As I am writing, we are a flying over Europe to pay respect to Faby’s father, who suddenly left us the other day. And just the other day, an old [...]


5 deadly mistakes to avoid when choosing your lingerie

Lingerie. There are garments that we all know they look wrong when you see them on other women, but when it comes to us, we fail to recognise those mistakes. There are many reasons why we tend to [...]


Destination Boudoir Photography: Retouching

One of the key elements when you are shooting on location is speed. Not necessarily during the shoot itself, but if you offer Destination Boudoir Photography session you know that from the moment [...]


Help! My partner gave me a gift voucher for a boudoir photo session

Imagine this. Your partner comes home with a strange expression on his face. He does not look at you in the eyes while he says he has got something for you. “Oh, he must have done something bad” [...]


Uncompromisingly Faby and Carlo – London Boudoir Photography

If there is one particular thing I am proud of Faby and Carlo (London Boudoir Photography) is the personal feedback we receive from our customers. Today I am not going to talk about our images. [...]

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