5 deadly mistakes to avoid when choosing your lingerie

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Lingerie. There are garments that we all know they look wrong when you see them on other women, but when it comes to us, we fail to recognise those mistakes.
There are many reasons why we tend to lie to ourselves, but the main reason is size. But remember that especially when it coms to choosing the right lingerie, the right fitting definitively matters.
Here is a list of things to avoid when choosing your lingerie that will help you make a better choice from the very beginning.

1. Avoid those cheap-looking padded bras

We said it many times already, but lace, sheer fabrics, and silk are definitively the best choice for your lingerie, and especially for bras.
Padded bras can be great little helpers and look fab underneath a little black dress and if you want to give a push to your love life, but when it comes to the lingerie for the bedroom, it is a huge disappointment.
Would you ever consider showing yourself the morning after with streaks of make up on your face and your hair all over the place? Think of your padded bra as the remaining of your fading red lipstick the morning after, and you will see where I come from. Definitively a no no. Not sexy.

2. Be honest about the size of those knickers

I know it hurts. Nobody wants to be more than a medium size. Alas, if you want to look good in your lingerie, you need to stop trying to squeeze your bum and hips in a tiny small size. The result is that you create ugly muffing tops out of nowhere. Really, it is not flattering.
Do you think you are medium size? Buy a larger size. It looks better and in the end this is what you want, right?

3. Say no to flashy lingerie colour

Are you thinking of buying a flashy pink lingerie set? Please, think again.
It is ok to look young, it is not ok to choose colours that would not be flattering on anyone. And I mean, anyone.
Choose basic colure that complement your complexion like ivory, red, blue, black, but please avoid those terrible looking colours that give me morning sickness even if I am not pregnant.
If you are worried about being faired skin and you think that black can be too much, I can tell you that to me looks fantastic instead. And please consider also, on the opposite spectrum, something very delicate like champaign colour lingerie to balance a strong look with a softer one.

4. Say not to shaping underwear

If you are concerned about the midriff area, – as 90% of the women I have met – there are pieces of lingerie that can be your friends and they still make you look and feel amazing. Say yes to corsets, body suits and waspies.
You can say hello to your waistline in style without compromising on being sensual.
Remember that wearing lingerie should be a pleasure, it was not created as a means of torture.

5. Tight is not the new black

Again a word about the right fitting. Having a great cleavage is hardly about compressing the flesh, it is about creating the right shape by supporting the breast nicely. A bra which is too tight looks awful on so many levels. Your boobs look squashed, and in the worst cases, lopsided, the straps on the shoulders sag into your skin and the skin underneath your armpits come out with a vengeance and goes all over the place (it has nowhere else to go!).
Do you really want to look like a pile of tires? I guess not.

One last piece of advice. When in doubt, remember as long as the fitting is right, simplicity is the key to style for anything you wear.
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