How to choose the lingerie that fits your body shape

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There is no better happy feeling for a woman than shopping for shoes and lingerie (if they are both shoes and lingerie that fits). Shoes and lingerie complement each other when it comes to feeling and looking beautiful and feminine, hardly any other combination can be more powerful. But lingerie in particular has that secret power to make you feel confident whether you show it or not because you know it is there and the feel of lace and silk on your skin is amazing.

Even if I have my own personal preference in terms style of lingerie, especially when it comes to being in front of the camera for a boudoir photography session, there are certain rules that apply to flatter different body types.
Lingerie, exactly like clothing, should enhance characteristics we are proud of and detract attention from what we do not feel so confident about.

Lingerie that fits: Skinny, hardly any curves

The secret in front of the camera is to create curves exaggerating hip movements, but it very much depends on how naturally flexible a woman is. That is when lingerie comes to your aid and can be your best friend.
Corsets, body suits with patterns that create a “belt effect” are a great choice.
Some bodysuits have a combination of different fabrics (lace or sheer fabrics for example) on the sides to draw interest towards an optically smaller waist line in comparison with the hips.
High waisted knickers and suspender belts are also a fabulous lingerie choice because they create separation at the waist level by giving the optical illusion of a very desirable hourglass shape.

Small boobs

Having small boobs is cute, lovely and sensual, plus you can do so much without bra and playing with sheer tops, but I also understand when women wish to have pictures with a fuller décolletage.
Carlo is going to hate me for this, but aside from certain poses that will help achieving the desired look, the only answer for lingerie wardrobe is wearing padded bras. Neither Carlo nor I are big fun of this kind of lingerie when on show for a boudoir photography session, but it is the only way I know to create some cleavage.

Curvy body

This body shape is all about highlighting curves in a pleasing and balanced way. The best pieces of lingerie for curvy women are soft corsets, sexy body suits, sheer baby dolls and waspies. This kind of lingerie has the beauty of minimising the waistline while being fabulously feminine.

General rules on lingerie

My general piece of advice on lingerie is to have it well fitted.
Whatever the style of lingerie or your body shape, your underwear does not have to be too small so that it squeezes your skin out of shape, and does not have to be too big either to have your chest swimming around in your bra when you move.
I cannot repeat it enough, there is nothing less unattractive or uncomfortable than an ill fitted lingerie. Get it right.

Solid colours are more stylish on any piece of garment, and it applies to lingerie as well. Crazy patterns, flashy colours, logos and things like that are not advisable or you will detract attention from you.
A general rule to timeless class and style – and especially in boudoir photography – less is always more.

Remember that the colour of your lingerie needs to complement your complexion, and that means that does not have to blend in your skin or it becomes “bla”.
Think of your lingerie as a beautiful tattoo on your skin and you will just get it right.
Love your lingerie, love your body.

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