Does Boudoir Mean Lingerie for Faby and Carlo? No, It Means…

 In For Women

Boudoir photography is almost always associated with images of women in lingerie. We believe that the meaning of Boudoir is wider than that. We see Boudoir as an elegant portrait that can be private, personal and intimate; however, limiting the genres to underwear photography only would be the same as limiting portraits to closeup only.
So, what is our take on Boudoir and how do we define our style of photography?

Boudoir as Intimate Stories In One Frame Fabiana Carlo Nicora

Boudoir As Something More Personal Than Just Portraits

To us, being portrait photographers means capturing that sparkle in the eyes, means telling a story in one frame. Being Boudoir photographers means relating to a deep level with the women we have in front of our cameras, making sure to tell a personal, intimate story of her. To us it doesn’t actually matter how many layers of garments you have on as our story is about you, not about them.
If time were not an issue, then we would love to dedicate an entire day to capture the nature of each and every customer. Imagine meeting someone and starting to know them without any pressure for “posing”. Understanding someone deeply would make the camera just a minimal intrusion in a beautiful dialog. That would be fantastic, wouldn’t it? We do not have an entire day, but some hours to do it; our goal is still the same: understanding and photographing everyone as she was our friend, not just a customer.

Boudoir as Intimate Stories In One Frame Fabiana Carlo Nicora

Your Comfort Level Should Drive Your Shoot

In what we have renamed the “Experience Call“, the phone or Skype conversation we have with every woman before photographing her, there is a question we always ask: what is your comfort level regarding showing your skin? We go through the various options you can have, from the fully clothed portrait session to the fully nude art images. For us, what truly matters is you, not what you are wearing. We could have easily marketed ourselves as ordinary “portrait photographers“, but the description would be limited.
What you should keep in mind while booking your experience, or your photo shoot with other photographers, is that you should get what you genuinely want. As Boudoir photographers, we have learned the art and the craft of photographing women even without their garments on, but we believe in providing what our customers actually want to see in their photos.

Boudoir as Intimate Stories In One Frame Fabiana Carlo Nicora

Names and titles can be deceiving, and we like to have our images to tell what we do.

In the end, we have been called many names. For some of you, we are portrait, for other boudoir, for someone else glamour or even pornography photographers. Names are names, and they can be deceiving. We are photographers, and we like our images to speak for ourselves.
The most flattering name we are given is “You are my photographers”.
And you? If you feel we can be yours as well, get in touch for your experience.

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