Gifting Photos to someone you love (and that includes you)

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A Photo Is A Memory Forever

When our son Ethan was born, on a cold afternoon of a snowy day in December, Fabiana and I embarked in an incredible journey: a photo for every day of his first year of life. We wanted to recount a visual story of moments that are sometimes foggy -if you are blessed with one or more children you may well understand what I mean- that would last forever. And so we did, we made sure to capture a significant moment every day, for 365 days. The book we created and the slideshow that is constantly moving on my iPad are something so powerful that I consider myself lucky to have been able to have those photos.
Do you have some beautiful photos of you to gift to the people you love? You should have.

Through Images We Remember

Images are powerful, they have the power of sending us back in time, or making us feel close to someone even when they are not physically with us. Through photos, we remember the loved one, and the gift of a beautiful image of you is something personal amongst today’s uncoloured presents. In Italy, there is a saying that goes “The shoemaker’s shoes are full of holes” and we wanted to break this, making sure to have images of ourselves and our family. This is because we believe in adding indelible memories of whom we were yesterday and whom we will be tomorrow.

A Gift Which Have a High Personal Value

A month ago we had the pleasure to photograph a lovely couple. She is an adorable girl working in fashion, and he is an extremely smart man serving under the military. They wanted to have some photos of themselves together, and after having seen the images, he said something incredibly powerful: selecting the image he wanted printed he told me that he would have carried it everywhere around the world.
“You know” he said “I can see us, the true us, in this photo. This photo will always remind me of this Christmas, of us together, wherever in the world I will be”
It is true, a personal present speaks value. It is something against which nothing can compete with.

Gift a Professionally Captured Image

The importance of gifting an everlasting memory must be accompanied with images of high quality. If you are thinking of a photo of you for the person you love, make sure you hire a professional, someone who will be able to capture the best part of you. In a world where every mobile phone has a camera and where every guy with a camera considers himself a professional, choosing a photographer whose images you love is essential.
Would you spend few cents to gift something that reminds you to your beloved ones or would you rather invest to offer something truly unique?

Gift a Photo of Yourself to You

Too many times we remember to gift remarkable things to the people around ourselves that we forgot to gift something to ourselves. A photo is one of those things: we never think that it would be fantastic to have a memory of whom we are. This Valentine (and every other day of the year) remember to take care of yourself and preserve the memory of today with a beautiful image: the future you will thank you for that!

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