Sexy or brainy?

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The word sexy for many women is somehow uncomfortable and yet is something that every one of us would love to be.
Why is being sexy such a contradictory subject? Sexy is very often a label many men give to what is very much in your face, and often not elegant, therefore many modern women don’t like to be identified with that idea because they know they are much much more than just that.

Sexy is not a dirty word

I remember when I was a young girl being stared at or commented by men was somehow flattering and uncomfortable at the same time. I wanted to be attractive and sexy as well as interesting, but if you were to confess your desire to be seen as sexy, you would be judged as shallow and a bit easy. And being comfortable in your own skin as woman has nothing to do with being shallow.
I have always thought that a woman is much more of nice pair of legs or boobs, but we have learnt to see ourselves with men’s eyes and started either to cover everything up for fear of being judged or to put everything on show and fall into the doll trap.

I said it many times, but I really believe that finally women are starting realising their own potential and they have slowly started a revolution that will have huge repercussions on the balance of the world wealth and power.
Women have started owning their own bodies and their own sexiness as well as their brains, and I could not be happier and prouder to see this happening.

Sexy and the City

I have seen tons of women immensely intelligent hiding their sexy curves in boring and shapeless suits to be taken seriously in the workplace, and I was one of them. I remember that coming from a small city in Italy, my dream was to work in the City. I could see the City as “the peak” of my success. I resisted 6 months, and that was a lot for me.
I still remember my first day. I was excited and scared. When I emerged from the underground station I saw what I can only describe as Magritte did with “Golconde”. I saw that uniform mass of human beings rushing on the pavement as an ordered flock flowing in opposite directions. Speed and impatience was the common trait, and grey was the main colour. I felt terribly out of place.
The workload was ginormous, so taking the entire lunch break was a luxury and a bit frowned upon, but it was nothing like the looks I received the day I dared to wear a red sweater. This is how women feel when they wear any clothes that attract any attention and enhances your femininity.
But I needed to make a mark. I felt as a number and that had nothing to do with the work itself. It had everything to do with my personality and who I am.
I totally agree that anything you wear in the workplace needs to stay int the realm of decency, common sense and elegance, but that must be it. Companies should hire people for their skills, attitude and capabilities, not for what they wear or on how sexy they look, but there is still the stigma on how we are judged as women if you attract attention on how you look.

After so many years I went back to the city a couple of times and it is funny how I can see it now that I am an outsider.
Things have indeed changed. I now see more and more often women still walking impatiently but they are now smartly dressed. They have fitted suites, that enhance their sexy figure with balance and elegance. Women are finally embracing their femininity without compromising on style or being seen as professional.

Sexy and brainy is the answer

Women are embracing a different style as well as attitude though, because more and more women that come to us for a boudoir session have competitive jobs and a brilliant career they have worked hard to create and they are now reclaiming their right to be sexy and feminine as well as brilliant.
Women are coming to terms with their right to be sexy women and brainy, and they are slowly finding their own voice to tell the world that it is fine to be both.

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