Atonement is a great word that we put into action too little. It requires taking responsibility for our own actions and making amends for any wrong doing. Atonement is a necessary act for our [...]


The importance of not having expectations

Expectations can seriously screw up your life. And I am serious when I say that because if you expect something from someone, it is inevitable that – sooner or later – you are going [...]


Photoshoot Idea: why a white shirt is sexy!

As a generic photoshoot idea would be a nice black lace bra, maybe slightly sheer; however, in my mind, a better photoshoot idea is a simple white shirt worn on top of nothing else. Boudoir [...]


Sexy or brainy?

The word sexy for many women is somehow uncomfortable and yet is something that every one of us would love to be. Why is being sexy such a contradictory subject? Sexy is very often a label many [...]


Working mums and the art of juggling

For many of us being working mums is a necessity, for others is a choice. Either ways, being working mums is not simple. As part of being working mums, you need to have excellent time management, [...]

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