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I am fed up with listening to all the noise about how we should live our life, how to be the most perfect mum, what to aim for, what we need to be successful and how we shall get there.
But if we do not let others give voice to their opinions, how can we truly connect with people?
Are we going to opt out on people just because they do not think and feel like we do?
It is clear that the fear of being rejected is very strong in many of us and that get us stuck in relationships do not really serve us and make us feel wrong because we want different things.

We can feel happy when we feel understood and not judged, and that happens when we connect with the right people. Those who are like-minded. Those whose voice tells a similar story to ours.Those who have been through the same and care like you do.

Stop being a follower and be the change you want to see in the world

I do not care how many friends you have on Facebook, those are not really your friends”. I love this quote form The Icarus deception by Seth Godin because it sums up what I think every time I inevitably open Facebook. Friends are those you miss when they are not with you. I have tons of people on my social media, and some of them I do not even know who they are, therefore I cannot miss them.

I thought that being a people pleaser and letting go of some differences that are not really really important was a fine way of living a relationship. But then I realised I was silently undermining my inner voice for the sake of being “nice”. The end result was often that I felt wrong and uncomfortable in the presence of people that were on a different page.

Whilst it is perfectly ok to have a different voice, when your fundamental values clash, your relationship hits a wall. There are people willing to find a common door no matter what, while others will see only the wall and the wall alone.

To make a change in your life and in others’, we need to stop following the crowd and take the courage to be ourselves. It is not a crime to be who we are, it is a beautiful gift. In ways we are not even aware of, we touch other people’s lives and we are moulded and changed by those encounters.

Who is really worth listening to?

Life is a continuos flow of energy. Positive as well as negative.
People come and go and we have the terrible tendency of hold on to situations, emotions, and people that do not serve us well in life. That is negative energy that blocks our vital flow.

Positive energy is everything that makes us feel good and in alignment with our purpose and our values. Our inner voice becomes joyful and vibrant and lead us naturally to what we are supposed to go in life.
Deep down we all know and feel when things flow naturally and effortlessly, but too often we rationalise our actions in fear of being judged, being different, abandoned, left out.

Our inner voice is wise and strong and we need to re-learn to listen to it because we forgot how to give voice to our dreams and desires along the way from childhood to becoming adults. But it is still there. It is only like a muscle that has become weaker for lack of use.

Your inner voice is a incredible compass of your life that many of us do not know they have, or are too afraid to listen to. Your inner voice tells you where to go, who is right for you and how to create the life you want.
Your voice is the only one you should listen to so that you will know that everything is going to be just fine.

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