The life of a photographer. Part 1

Many people think that being a photographer is cool. What there is not to like? As a photographer you have tons of time, deal with beautiful subjects, and there is glamour of saying I am a [...]


The cult of the hot mama and how to stay on top of your game

We live in an area of London that is hugely popular amongst parents because it boasts with outstanding schools and is very green. Knowing nothing about parenthood and family friendly areas until [...]


The only voice you should listen to

I am fed up with listening to all the noise about how we should live our life, how to be the most perfect mum, what to aim for, what we need to be successful and how we shall get there. But if we [...]


Forgiveness is an act of kindness

Forgiveness is responding to lack of love with love. When we hear inspiring stories of people able to forgive the unthinkable, we wonder how they can go through such hardships and forgive who [...]


Declutter. Free your mind (and your life) from stuff

Stronger, faster, better, bigger and more stuff. This has become the mantra for many of us and without even realising it, we have become stressed by an insane rat race to accumulate any kind of [...]

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