The cult of the hot mama and how to stay on top of your game

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We live in an area of London that is hugely popular amongst parents because it boasts with outstanding schools and is very green. Knowing nothing about parenthood and family friendly areas until 4 years ago, the first time we took a stroll in Northcote road in Clapham Junction I honestly thought there was something in the water. There where children, families and pregnant women literally everywhere you looked. And boy, many of those women are incredibly hot mamas!

What practically all the mums I know complain about is the lack of time and the state of their tummies. There is no mother I have met – me comprised – that has not discussed or complained at least once those issues.

What makes it possible for a woman to be a hot mama

When we see images of a gorgeous Princess Kate playing volleyball showing her flat stomach and incredible figure just a couple of months after giving birth to Prince Geaorge we feel bad. Those pictures made her one of the hottest mamas around and set a hard example for many of us.
Do you think her particular status of being a Princess makes her genetically different from all the rest of us? Of course not.
She looks fit, gorgeous and effortlessly elegant. In short, the Sweaty Betty hot mama type you see on adverts, and even much better than that actually.
Well, “hot mama” is not only an abstract term, it does exist and she makes all feel guilty about our excuses on lack of time, flabby stomach and bad hair day no matter if you have children or not.

Having Pilates and yoga classes, personal trainers, nutritionists, stylists and image experts at our disposal is certainly easier for Princess Kate than for almost any of us. Also having a flock of nannies at your disposal is surely one of the advantages of being part of the Royal family and can help you stick to a fitness schedule that most of us struggle with.
All very true, but we all know that these are just excuses, right?
All you need to be a hot mama is being willing to be a hot mama and follow certain rules on how to stay on top of your game.


This is key to anything in life. If you are organised, you can do anything.
If you feel that your 24 hours are never enough, being organised will make you change your mind. Not everything will be done, but most of it will.
1. Keep track of your tasks either on paper or choose one of the million mobile apps around and do not leave it to memory.
Sooner or later you will forget something important. I personally use both a paper to do list and Asana and I find them both great.It really depends on feels better for you.
2. Put your important dates on a digital calendar.
Remembering Birthdays and appointments is vital for your family and social life. Do not forget about your friends!


To be a hot mama, first of all you need to be relaxed.
There is nothing less attractive than a woman that looks stiff, anxious and struggles to get things – and kids – under control.
I know I have just possibly described all mums in the world, and therefore attaining flexibility sounds like an utopia. But here is the good news. To avoid feeling overwhelmed a hot mama is flexible enough to “go with the flow” when necessary because either they have a plan B in their minds, or they are casual enough to respond to the most embarrassing – and dreaded – situations with a graceful smile. There is nothing more attractive than that. They believe that “whatever happens, it is going to be fine in the end”.
This does not mean to be careless or inattentive, but being overly concerned on what may or may not happen is like start crying at the thought the milk might get spilled. It is just a thought that puts you a lot of avoidable pressure.
1. Breathe.
2. Ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen if, and answer honestly if you would survive. If your answer is yes, smile and move on.

Women that are confidently relaxed have a charming aura around them that make them look irresistible to anybody, even to their kids that are happy to have such a cool and hot mama.

Me time

Everybody needs it to recharge their energy to be able to focus better and live better. For me the keyword is silence.
I know that kids never stop chatting, asking for help, crying and more, but when they are peacefully asleep that is the time for quiet time for yourself. Ask your partner for at least 30 minutes of “me time” and I am sure he will be happy to agree. At the end of the day, he needs it too.


With a better organisation and flexible, clarity follows.
Clarity will help you focus on what the real priorities are, what to do and how to do it.
When silence falls and you are able to quiet your mind, your inner voice speaks louder and leads you to better choices that are in alignment with your values and what you want for your life and your family. Things will get clearer effortlessly.
Better focus mean, more time to look after yourself as well.
Meditation is a great help and a healthy practice for everybody, but especially for busy mothers, it helps clear your mind and enjoy a better quality of time with yourself and your family.

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