Want to be a yummy mummy? 8 great tips on how to be one

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Mummy=automatically yummy? Not always.

I am now a very proud yummy mummy of a beautiful, running and screaming toddler that fills my life with immense joy. But it took me a while to adjust my life around my son Ethan. I remember not knowing what to do and feeling lost almost like trying to speak a new language with no tools. No dictionary and no grammar books.

When I finally started to make sense of being a mum I realised that I had no time for myself. I remember looking down at my tummy and realising that I still looked pretty pregnant. You know one of those ladies you are unsure whether to give your seat to or not? I was aghast! I so wanted to be a yummy mummy! The idea of being one was just..well, obvious for me. You have your baby and after a while you just naturally go back to how you looked before! Simple.
I had those VIP mums like Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham or Giselle Bunchen in my mind. All of them were in great form in no time, effortlessly stilysh and sexy while floating in their high heels and skinny jeans with their kids under their arms. Why not me?

The reality was that I was quite out of shape, my hair was inexplicable and I looked like a tramp. And not in a good way.

Want to be a yummy mummy? 8 great tips on how to be one

What changed

One day I had just enough. I realised that I had been waiting for something to happen on its own accord but nothing had changed. I had to do something to feel and look yummy or it would have never happened for me. And once I understood that being a mum does not mean that you are not a woman anymore, everything changed. My attitude towards time, my image and myself shifted for good.

Want to be a yummy mummy? 8 great tips on how to be one

8 great tips on how to be a yummy mummy

This is my own personal recipe to be yummy mummy that has worked wonders for me:

  1. As mums we have very little time so it is essential to make time to take care of ourselves (“me time“!). We know how important having a routine for our kids is to teach them how to be organised and to create a system in life and the same applies to us. You will be amazed what this simple rule can do for you. You will find that you can easily make the most of your time if you plan in advance.
  2. For a long period I avoided looking at myself because my image was never the one I had in my mind. To understand if you like the way you look you have to open your eyes and decide for yourself. If you want to change things it is ok, you can do it and remember to show yourself some love. You deserve it.
  3. If you are anything like me, it has been literally years of zero activity and the idea alone of getting changed to hit the gym was too much of an effort. A stationary bike had done miracles for me in the past, so I started using it again whilst watching a video or listing to an audiobook. Love it and now I enjoying using it almost every day! It has improved my mood and I feel good and energised.
  4. There is an awesome website that is also a free app for the IPhone called Myfitnesspal that has helped me a lot. It is a journal with built-in a barcode reader capacity (that works!) and a huge database of foods. You practically scan the barcode of what you want to eat and it automatically recognises and records the amount of proteins, fats, sugars, etc on your daily diary. You can also input the type of physical exercise you do, for how long and it calculates the calories you spent and how much you need for the day to maintain or lose weight. Now I feel great and I started losing weight without – strictly speaking -“dieting”.
  5. Recording every food is a great way to see also the patterns of how you eat so that you can avoid cravings and stop binge eating that comes with it. This helped me understanding how to stabilise my energy levels and I changed my diet accordingly with incredible results. My skin looks radiant and my brain works like a clockwork.
  6. It means anything from a sexy piece lingerie, a skirt, high heels, a generous v-neck, a frilly transparent shirt with skinny jeans. Believe me, nothing makes you feel like a woman again like dressing up.
  7. And I mean for both lingerie and jeans. If you used to be a size 10 before you had your baby and you are now a 12 or 14, I know it hurts but you have got to wear the right size. There is nothing more unattractive than seeing muffin tops coming out of your sides because you squeezed into something that does not fit your shape. You can be a size 10 again if you want but in the meantime please treat yourself nicely.
  8. One does not exclude the other. This is the most important piece of advice I can give to anyone. Spending time on ourselves improves our self-esteem and make us feel happier. And remember that a happy mum means a happy baby!

Want to be a yummy mummy? 8 great tips on how to be one

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  • Anne

    Great advice, Faby! I’ve just realised the importance of #1 and would also add ‘Be kind to yourself’. There’s plenty of guilt we can put on ourselves and so we shouldn’t also feel guilty about not looking like famous mums who snap back into shape (with the help of personal trainers and nannies) or not looking the way we were before having children. We should be proud of what our body is capable of doing, treat it well and look at it with love. Every stretch mark, every extra wobbly bit are our badges of honour!

  • Fabiana Nicora

    Hi Anne, THANK you for your comment.
    Every mum experiences a hint of jealousy towards those VIP women that have plenty of every imaginable help in dealing with kids, cleaning, cooking, fitness, etc. and I must admit I am no different. But instead of looking at those examples and feeling bad about ourselves we should indeed be proud of what we accomplish every single day. The important thing is to LOVE ourselves no matter what because by loving who we are we teach our kids respect and we transfer a healthy body image to them which is invaluable.
    Do I have wobbly bits? Of course I do nonetheless I feel and look yummy! :)

  • Wendy B

    I struggle with ‘being nice to myself’. I am highly critical of my body and its many flaws. That said, I wouldn’t swap my stretchmarks for anything – they are a reminder of the little (not so little now!) miracle that I was lucky to nurture for nine months.
    I can’t wait to have some photos done to remind myself that I may not be perfect but my body has been on a journey that I loved every minute of.

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